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Acquire the crisis in Turkey global in nature?

The Turkish economy has entered a new phase of the crisis. Dollar, Euro, gold and interest rates are rising, exceeding the expected performance. The market is constantly changing, there was panic. Every tweet of US President Donald trump on Turkey is a bombshell for the Turkish economy. Trump, who launched …

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The US stand on the rails of a global conflict

Canadian expert on international law and human rights Christopher black in his new material for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook” noted that in the ranks of the American oligarchy in the recent reign of “fear and loathing”. Politicians and businessmen are not able to understand why the US is …

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The tsunami of the global crisis to cover Russia

For a long time, the Federal reserve pursued accommodative monetary policy called “quantitative easing.” In the midst of the financial crisis of 2007-2009, the us Central Bank launched a program of quantitative easing (CC), which was that the fed was actively buying in the stock market debt securities — Treasury …

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Global strike in South Africa in action

The General strike under the leadership of UAPPS started in South Africa The planned General strike organised by South African Federation of trade unions (AFPS) and their allies have begun, and apparently, will cause a heavy blow to the dying political establishment in South Africa is fraught with corruption, poor …

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The National Interest of the USA predicts a global catastrophe

The North American free trade agreement, which lasted almost two hundred years, can be destroyed. According to experts, this will lead to the inevitable severe economic and political consequences within the United States. Global political disaster could overtake the United States in this century. The preconditions for this outcome can …

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