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Чем привлекателен аутсорсинг юридических услуг

Практика передачи части функций сторонней организации является повсеместной в бизнес-среде Европы и США. Процветающие бизнесмены работают по принципу: «Выполняю сам только то, что умею делать лучше других. Остальные вопросы передаю внешнему исполнителю, которые он решает лучше других». Такая организация бизнеса называется аутсорсингом.

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Sensational military technologies for space exploration future

In yesterday’s address to the Federal Assembly Vladimir Putin has published sensational information about the Russian military projects. And the great thing about them is that, in addition to addressing today’s challenges of preventing nuclear conflict implemented technology can seriously help the space program of the future. Tu-22M3M missile X-32, …

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The Ministry of the prohibition of the future

Why do officials always decide for us what is good and what is bad, learn to live and define flavors? After all, in a society where everyone has the same opinion, belief not at all. Next came the ban of the Ministry of culture of the Russian Federation. And he …

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Passive Russia – does it have a future

Lately, Russia has greatly intensified “passivity” – they always say something about discrimination of sexual minorities, then the killings of so-called “homophobia” and other absurdities. The topic is not funny, if you remember that the sodomites in Russia increasingly began to take to the streets of cities trying to promote …

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