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Passive Russia – does it have a future

Lately, Russia has greatly intensified “passivity” – they always say something about discrimination of sexual minorities, then the killings of so-called “homophobia” and other absurdities. The topic is not funny, if you remember that the sodomites in Russia increasingly began to take to the streets of cities trying to promote …

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Тонкости изучения английского в США

США не зря называют страной неограниченных возможностей, и к освоению языка это относится в полной мере. Американская система образования признается наиболее качественной во всем мире, поскольку она не ограничивается преподаванием академических дисциплин, а стремится воспитать в учащихся независимость, инициативность, умение принимать нестандартные решения.

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Kudrin on the future of the Russian economy

Kudrin on the future of the Russian economy: without scriptvalium, but with a “robust” budget and barely noticeable growth    Cryptocurrencies in Russia will not be legalized in the next two to three years, said Alexei Kudrin The head of the Center for strategic initiatives, former Russian Finance Minister Alexei …

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CBR see the future of the Russian economy in black color

The expectations of a slowdown in the economic growth of the country almost twice The Central Bank’s forecast for the Russian economy – there are only bad and very bad scenarios The main factor hindering economic growth is the presence of Putin in the presidential chair, however, the report will …

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