Thursday , October 18 2018
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CB coded forecast the future of Russia under sanctions

The Bank of Russia has prepared a macroeconomic forecast for the next 3 years, taking into account the tightening of anti-Russian sanctions, which are expected to be held in November. However, to publish the figures of the Central Bank is not planning. This was stated, speaking in the Duma, Director …

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OLO – the future of blood diagnostics is already here

Every day, millions of doctors have postponed the appointment of medical treatment due to the lack of immediate and accurate result of the blood test. The company Sight change this reality. The OLO device, developed by Sight, allows doctors to diagnose blood during the first visit, without leaving the office. …

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About the economy of the future society

To give a brief definition of socialism, it is difficult, because, whatever the definition was not given, everyone will understand its told. Engels, in his letter described the future social organization in one sentence: abolition of private property and establishment of community of property. The same is reflected in the …

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Putin has invited Kim Jong Ynu to meet in the near future

Russian President Vladimir Putin in a telegram to North Korean leader Kim Jong Ynu confirmed his readiness to meet. This was reported by North Korean news Agency KCNA, reports RIA Novosti. “I confirm my readiness in the near future to meet with You to discuss urgent issues of bilateral relations …

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