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The demand for freedom and democracy

You know, when I was a few years ago, I spoke with Mr. Gaidar in the program, I was thinking – or rather, not all the time, but thought: why we do not like the reformers? I emphasize reformers, not revolutionaries. Here with the revolutionaries, we somehow all is well. …

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We don’t go mad from freedom

I wonder why among those of the millions of compatriots who moved to the country with permission to freely purchase/possession of weapons, did not happen spontaneous epidemic of murders, of executions of the population, armed clashes and robberies. There are, of course, the Russian mafia, but that’s another story, they …

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When freedom is not for everyone

All these pathetic “rights and freedoms of the individual”, “legality” and “equality” is actually an empty phrase, if you not only belong to the category of the elite, but are “third grade” in their eyes. And third grade, we have to keep quiet about their opinions and their desires… On …

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How many years before a SIP of freedom?

Even the mildest version of transfer of power from Vladimir Putin to his chosen successor itself will cause a steep change of the course not later than 2024. Short-term political calm that has descended in these days, gives you the opportunity to spend a little time on futurology. Moreover, the …

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Russia surpassed Nigeria in the ranking of economic freedom

Russia ranked 114-th place in the ranking of countries in terms of economic freedom, which is calculated by the American research center Heritage Foundation. The study is published on the website of the organization. The ranking, which includes 180 countries, led by Hong Kong. The top five also includes Singapore, …

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13 January – Day of defenders of freedom in Lithuania

Jan 13, in Lithuania – the Day of defenders of freedom and the 26th anniversary of the tragic events of 1991.Trying to overthrow the legally elected and declared the restoration of independence of Lithuania the government of the Russian occupiers on the night of 13 January 1991 in Vilnius occupied …

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