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The missile defense system – the first spark of the big fire


China’s position on the deployment of missile defense elements in the territory of South Korea and Japan, unambiguous and fair. The leader of the Chinese government said that the decision of Seoul about the deployment of anti-aircraft missile system (ADMS), the U.S. THAAD (Terminal High Altitude Area Defense) poses a …

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First professionals


First professionals. Nothing is eternal under the moon. Something disappears, something appears. The same applies to the professions. But the profession may not appear by itself, there is always someone who has done it for the first time. I want to tell you about some of these pioneers. <ol> The …

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“Bandera”, we must first defeat in Russia


    Today many rightly referred to banderizatsii Ukraine, about how detrimental these processes in the country. A lot is said about the fact that this process inevitably involves a rewriting of history, the creation of new historical myths that split society and the state. All this is true, but… …

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The United States first condemned Ukraine


American-Ukrainian tale, apparently, comes to an end. While senior US officials visit to Kiev and Poroshenko smile, nothing, however, is not promising, Washington prepares castling, one of the main roles in which, perhaps, it will play Ukraine. Now for the last time. Influential news publication The Huffington Post pleasantly surprised …

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Aleksey Roshchin. Ukraine vs Russia.Who will collapse first?


One of the most pressing issues for the collective consciousness of the two largest countries of Eastern Europe — Russia and Ukraine: whose economy first “Ginetta” who used to “play dead”? Until recently, all, including myself, were convinced that the first would, of course, Ukraine. It is, they say, and …

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Danger: the danger of the first vaping


Even a single use of electronic vaporizers may lead to vascular dysfunction, warn researchers from the University of West Virginia. About the experiments, they told the meeting of the American society of physiologists dedicated to the ageing of the cardiovascular system. Scientists have measured the diameter of the artery, the …

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