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Fake: anti-Russian sanctions in Europe is not enough oil


“Vesti” published an article entitled “No Russian butter croissants and muffins in Europe for Christmas will be Golden.” Referring to the CNN report, the authors note, write: “European confectioners are sounding the alarm: serious crisis with the oil they predict a sharp increase in the price of croissants, scones and …

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“Cancel “Plato” is not enough”


The longer the government ignores the truckers strike, the more unpleasant questions they want to ask. In the Saratov region the truckers strike on the way out of Engels. About 40 trucks standing on the roadside on both sides of the track. Having landed us, the bus driver honking in …

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4 GB RAM is enough for smartphones


Many years ago bill gates said that 640K of memory is enough for all and for all, and now many are missing, and two terabytes for all the files you need. Today Huawei announced the sufficiency of 4GB of RAM for today’s smartphones. Do not repeat the situation? The phrase …

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Scientists: For sports enough weekend


From the point of view of health benefits a person need to exercise only one day a week, for example, in the output. It should be observed a minimum of: 150 minutes of moderate or 75 minutes of intense exercise. As reported on the website of the Loughborough University (UK), …

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Cold hands: why do limbs not warm enough.


Hands and feet are freezing because of the spasm that occurs in the capillaries of the extremities. According to statistics, these symptoms inherent in women aged 15-45, and men aged 50+ years. Many people wonder why I have constantly cold hands? Doctors have told about the reasons of disease. According …

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Sports in moderation enough to avoid a heart attack


It is hoped that researchers will sooner or later be able to find a cure for all existing diseases. However, practice shows that to improve health is very useful to play sports. And it is not necessary to expose yourself to serious stress. It is enough to do in moderation …

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Enough already you break, Europe


  Europe. A true lady never knows what she wants. But definitely wants something. Waiting for proposals? Special invitations? Coaxing? No. Rather, the last word remains with her Beau. And as she sits waiting, the interest of the second party, which is something Europe need to support. To flirt in …

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