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Cells of the two-dimensional perovskite layers will improve the efficiency of solar cells and make their de

Researchers from National laboratory, Los Alamos (USA) has developed a new technology using perovskite that could greatly improve the efficiency and reduce the cost of solar panels, as well as a number of other electronic devices. Using thin film Ruddlesden-Popper, scientists have created a double-layered perovskites, which have a high …

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Created solar panels with maximum efficiency

New cheap solar panels from the us developers reached a record efficiency.Scientists from the U.S. created a brand new design of solar collectors on the basis of simple and available materials which can compete or even surpass modern silicon counterparts. New solar panels have become more light and flexible, their …

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The efficiency of the economy and a cotton Raska

Brief description of the indicators of economic efficiency. Very simplified. For tots™. Two plants for the production of nuclear fuel from plutonium, Russian and American. Almost the same, because the planned performance is the same. In Russian invested 240 million. In American — 8 billion and require an additional 17 …

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