Tuesday , November 21 2017
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From the Russian economy out blood


Due to the increase in oil prices Russia is again fills a jug with petrodollars. On a rainy day. Instead, to stimulate economic growth. Federal budget revenues increased by almost 18%, but government spending increased by only 4%, according to HSE. Economic stagnation is virtually assured, experts say. At the …

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The European Union is not going to restore the economy of Ukraine


Sad for Kiev authorities news came from the Estonian Tallinn. Here on Thursday hosted the annual Assembly of heads of foreign policy departments of the countries of “Eastern partnership” and the civil society conference. In the framework of these activities formed, in particular, the agenda of the summit of “Eastern …

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New US sanctions cripple the Russian economy


In the night of Friday, U.S. Secretary of state Rex Tillerson signed a decree on the publication of the explanation of the application of the law on sanctions, under which are Russian citizens and companies. According to the list published by the U.S. Department of State, a new package of …

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The Kremlin recognized the new sanctions will kill the economy


The probability of introducing new U.S. sanctions against Russia is a cause for concern and reflects the unfriendly and even hostile approach of Washington to Moscow, said the Kremlin on Friday. The US state Department on Thursday said that he began to inform Congress and other authorities about the activities …

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Economy simple family Russian: keep it up!


“The man who eats more than he needs robs the country and Putin in particular”. V. Yakimenko, the former head of Rosmolodezh In Soviet times the authorities promised us prosperity, and now – the growth of poverty. Hence this all the more topical in the Russian province dialogue on the …

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