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About the economy of the future society

To give a brief definition of socialism, it is difficult, because, whatever the definition was not given, everyone will understand its told. Engels, in his letter described the future social organization in one sentence: abolition of private property and establishment of community of property. The same is reflected in the …

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As the VAT increase will strangle the Russian economy

The state Duma in the third final reading adopted the law on raising rates of value added tax (VAT) to 20 per cent. For this law voted only members of Putin’s “United Russia”. VAT is the main Federal tax. It gives 35% of Federal revenues. Now the income will increase …

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A few words about Soviet “destroyed the economy”

    On the photo: Transistor radio TR-63 SONY. The TR-63 was manufactured from 1955 to the license that SONY bought the American company Western Electric. However, experts made SONY TR-63 smaller than the original American model. The receiver first received the name “pocket”. In the USA the TR-63 was …

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The Russian economy has refused the industry

May brought the Russian economy to new challenges in the manufacturing sector: is acceleration of growth to rates above the world out of stagnation the industry is sinking into recession. The index of business activity for industrial enterprises, the volume of production, number of employees and the number of orders …

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