Saturday , October 20 2018
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How to take beautiful photos during the journey?

To bring a bunch of travel photos is all we can, but unfortunately, not all of this set pleasing to the eye and are original. And not in vain to store hundreds of unwanted and like each other images, we propose to learn how to do during your holiday beautiful …

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During the year, the cost of wind energy and solar snizalas 6%

The cost of generating electricity from solar and wind continues to decline steadily. At the same time, the cost of electricity generation coal-fired power plants remain the same, and the cost of construction and operation of new nuclear power plants is increasing. None of these areas of state subsidies have …

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Eating fish during pregnancy may protect baby from asthma

A new study found that children whose mothers ate fish during pregnancy are less likely to suffer from asthma as children whose mothers took fish oil supplements. Scientists have discovered that the use of high doses of omega-3 fatty acids in the third trimester of pregnancy may help protect children …

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