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Patients will be deprived of 140 kinds of drugs?

A bill counter-sanctions against the United States, which will be considered in the Duma on may 15, has caused grave scandal: the Russians may lose 140 trade names of medicines, adequate no analogues in Russia. However, the authors of the law (among them the speaker of the lower house of …

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Маленькую кухню обустроить непросто

Далеко не всем хозяйкам посчастливилось стать обладательницами просторной кухни. Очень многим приходится мириться с небольшим по площади помещением, но даже в такой ситуации можно найти выход в правильном подборе необходимой мебели. При этом кухня будет иметь большие функциональные возможности и отличаться недурной эстетикой.

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Mimosa is included in the list of drugs

The plant is “Mimosa, hostilis” is entered in the list narcotic substances. MIA worried that in recent times the Internet has increased sales of dried parts of the Mimosa that contain impact on the psyche of the substance dimethyltryptamine. The proposal was submitted to the government in order to implement …

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The Abbot of the temple they found drugs and a gun

In the parish, from which, the ROC replaced the legendary theologian, father Pavel Adelgeim, the scandal broke. The new Abbot found weapons and drugs. Church leaders say about the machinations of Satan, writes “Novaya Gazeta”. . 7 October morning in the freezer of an apartment in Riga Avenue (center of …

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Created affordable 3D printing of drugs at home

A British company has developed a three-dimensional printing technology medical products with which patients can create their assigned medications at home or in the hospital. Technology will help to reduce the prices of rare drugs, to increase their accessibility, and to reduce the number of fakes. Biotech startup FabRx presented …

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