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Self-driving trucks with refrigerators run between Texas and California

Autonomous driving technology is increasingly used in the automotive industry. Starting in October of this year, Autonomous trucks, built and operated a startup Embark, transporterowych refrigerators Frigidaire on interstate I-10 from a warehouse in El Paso (Texas) distribution center in palm springs (California). The length of the route is 650 …

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Tesla electric will test self-driving truck in Nevada

Tesla is currently developing self-driving truck on an electric move, which can move independently or in a convoy following the leading vehicle. The company soon will begin testing a prototype driverless truck in Nevada. About it it became known to Reuters, familiar with the correspondence between the company and the …

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New batteries GS Yuasa will double the driving range of electric cars

Inadequate for comfortable use of electric vehicles the current capacity of the batteries causes the cautious attitude of the public to personal transport “without fuel”. Work in this area are all producers of batteries and lots of large and small laboratories. Breakthrough, sooner or later, will happen. Practices and promises …

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Driving schools proposed to limit novice drivers to driving at night

Union of driving schools of Moscow has prepared proposals for changing the order of training of the future drivers, in particular, in advocating the introduction of a two-year probationary period for newcomers and a number of other restrictions. About it write on Tuesday, 28 February, “Izvestiya”. Initiatives as the Chairman …

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Captain “Dynamo” deprived of rights for drunk driving

Croatian footballer Kiev “Dynamo” domagoj Vida was detained by police in a state of alcoholic intoxication. The incident occurred on the morning of the fourth of July in Kiev on the street Skoropadsky. View behind the wheel of his Mercedes-Benz was detained by the police. According to the information portal …

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What kind of music you need to listen to driving

Calm and sad music will help to suppress the aggression on the road, a new study from the Netherlands. The volunteers who practiced on the driving simulator with the difficulties on the road, much more often at high speed, are faced with other machines or move out from your lane, …

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