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How not to sit behind a repost or meme. The rules of digital hygiene

Increasingly in Russia, excite criminal case for extremism and “inciting hatred”. But if before things start for real violent crimes, now on trial for images in social networks, likes, and reshares. Practice shows that the trials no one is immune: any Internet user may face criminal or administrative prosecution for …

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Introduction to Russian cryptome: digital ecosystem

  The author is chief analyst of the National Association Blockchain. In order to study some phenomenon or the phenomenon — the first thing we need to study the environment, the context; you need to climb a few floors up and look around the landscape in all its diversity. As …

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The digital economy in Russian?

In the morning received a TEXT with a reminder to pay debts over the phone. Couldn’t log in Rostelecom, to determine the causes of debts, the system says that my phone number no email. address that come every month and accounts from Rostelecom does not exist and in General I’m …

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Digital bondage in digital civilization

The newest Western technologies of control threaten to turn society into a digital concentration camp. Every second person is becoming less and less free. Long gone are the days when private lives were a kind of taboo. The famous English expression “my house – My fortress” has lost its relevance. …

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The change of the digital economy will equal to TRP

The tests in this discipline will give applicants additional points for admission to the University. In Russia, begin to take measures to promote the digital economy among students. Students in 2020 will have the opportunity to take the test on the knowledge of several disciplines of the Digital economy. Due …

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Digital putinomics

During his speech at the SPIEF-2017 Putin talked a lot about the digital economy. So much that the President is clearly vying for the role of software and should start construction of the digital economy in Russia. And the government, deputies, governors will begin to repeat the phrase “digital economy” …

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