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The Archos Diamond is worth double Alpha camera from Sony


The back panel of the new smartphone Archos Diamond decorated double Alpha camera from the Japanese company Sony, with all the ensuing consequences. The phone was submitted just today, and it was created in partnership with the Chinese ZTE. The influence of the Chinese vendor on the Archos Diamond Alpha …

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Diamond Ghost town in Namibia. Photo


Kolmanskop – deserted town in the Namib desert in southern Namibia. In southern Namibia, is a Ghost town Kolmanskop, which once was a thriving town of diamond miners. At the beginning of the last century it was one of the richest cities of the German South-West Africa (former name of …

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Kim Kardashian showed her new diamond ring


Kim Kardashian boasted the diamond ring from Kanye West Kim Kardashian continues to lead in social networks Chronicles his life – and for the fans a new gift to spouse Kanye West, the diamond ring, an exact copy of the jewelry that the rapper gave Kim an engagement in 2013. …

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Soon okeanicheskie of the island will become a diamond


A new study has found that in the future some of the oceanic Islands can become a diamond. Experts said about a journey of minerals from regions where diamonds are formed. They penetrate into the earth’s core and coming back now for over 2.5 billion years. Based on the theory …

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Astrophysicists have discovered in space planet-diamond


Polarnye planet are the biggest diamonds in the Universe. Planets orbiting pulsars could be the huge diamonds. Researchers from the United States solved the mystery of the appearance of the planets in the systems neutron stars. According to the belief of scientists, with the planets of pulsar (neutron star with …

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