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Living death: what is a biological weapon

Noisy information campaign of the 1990s, accusing the Iraqi government of Saddam Hussein in the creation of biological weapons, have led to unexpected consequences. Ideas about biological weapons were so distorted that in themselves become a danger to society. For our readers, Colonel of medical service reserve explains what a …

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The Death Of Stalin

Taki looked. He took the time. What can I say? Frankly, I was afraid of schlock. But all 106 minutes of the film have passed, that is, on one breath. Never put on pause to escape. Great movie. Genre? I would call it a Comedy of the absurd with elements …

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The death of a Russian pilot in a statement

In Syria, again, was shot down by Russian military aircraft, and the pilot was killed on the ground in the battle with the Islamists. Two years ago, our bombers were attacked by Turkish fighter. A year ago in the same place, over Idlib, collapsed shot down from the ground the …

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