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Dr. “Death”, or HIV brotherhood

HIV-positive LGBT activist Boris Konakov and artist Cyanide syringes took each other’s blood, mixed it with vodka and drank brotherhood, the resulting “Bloody Mary”. The meaning of bloody action explained in circulation. The participants wrote that he drank “to the health of the Maxim of Lapunov (LGBT activist, spoke about …

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Walking saves from premature death, the study showed

According to a new study conducted by the American cancer society to the risk of premature death has declined, it is enough to walk only 5 minutes a day. People with a minimum level of physical activity were less likely to die those whose life, physical activity is generally absent, …

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Life is worse than death: 12 facts about North Korea

Maybe before you threaten North Korea all penalties celestial, the US President Donald Trump would be worth to see with a special view of the world of North Koreans. He could understand that in Asia human life in General means little. By the way, is the flip side of Buddhism, …

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Выбираем облицовочный камень для фасада

В настоящее время часто для облицовки фасада применяют камень. Он придает зданию красивый, богатый внешний вид, продлевает его срок службы. Этот материал обладает высокой прочностью, износом. Если вы решили оформить внешнюю сторону своего дома именно камнем, то вы можете быть уверенным, что ваш дом всегда будет защищен от негативного внешнего …

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