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Putin’s Course. How valid is it?

In order for us to understand what course Putin led Russia for the past 17 years, we should remember where the country was, when GDP was elected to the 1st term. Here let us remember. After 8 years of Yeltsin’s rule, Russia was on the edge of a precipice, and …

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The Russian fleet changes course: from Syria to Libya

From 24 to 26 may, the ships of the operative connection of the Russian Navy deployed in the Mediterranean sea, will conduct missile launches off the East coast of Libya. The Russian advance has issued a notice to inform carriers NOTAM A0039/17, which States that the area North of Tobruk …

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Easter course in Ekaterinburg has turned into a political battle

The Metropolitan and the Governor has taken a tough position: would not talk. The oligarch came with the guards. Easter procession in Yekaterinburg was a political act: metropolis together with the Sverdlovsk authorities used religious reason for the harsh response to local residents. Show more… From the beginning the March …

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Putin is no longer counting on trump and shifts course

Vladimir Putin gained a reputation as a strategic thinker and an active player due to the fact that he always managed to be one step ahead of your opponents. His lightning annexation of Crimea caught the world by surprise, and then thought, “He’s never gonna go.” Putin intervened in the …

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The war in Ukraine continues: in the course went women

Petro Poroshenko has again managed to surprise the public with their rhetoric. Instead of beautiful, from the heart, to congratulate women with International women’s day, the head of the Ukrainian (still) state said on the extension of the list of military specialties that can take women. According to Peter, thanks …

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