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Asian tour trump: heavy US dependence on China


In ideology and foreign policy objectives trump China has always held a special place. Back in 2011, long before the entry into the political arena, he wrote in his book that the economic strengthening of China, largely due to the ongoing weakness of the American leaders and the manipulation of …

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Oil and gas, and the ruble… China suddenly puts Russia bandwagon


The sudden reduction in China’s purchases of Russian oil has seriously reduced the ruble. About very disturbing trends in Russia in the Chinese economic policy wrote in LiveJournal analyst Andrew Malgin: A hundred times right, those who called #China uncomfortable and tough negotiator. Even desperate for any product or resource, …

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Russia – China: the silk noose is the “silk road”


Eurasian development Bank counted six possible options for a new “silk road” from China to Europe. It turned out that on some routes, shipping freight will be too expensive, and others for a long time. “Газета.Ru” understood, transit corridors, Russia could become a beneficiary. And what in the end will …

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China is Russia’s ally in the opposition of the United States


Summary: 18 October 2017, the representatives of the Communist party of China (CPC) gathered at the party Congress held every 5 years. As a result of this event, the Chinese President XI Jinping has largely consolidated his position in the party and state apparatus. The Chinese leadership faces difficult challenges, …

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In China created a smartphone 80 MP camera


The company Koobee stationed in China, working on the F1 smartphone, which was officially presented, which has no analogues in the world. What makes it unique is the camera that gets 80-megapixel images. Actually, the 80-megapixel sensor in Koobee F1 no, otherwise it would have cost more professional cameras: all …

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Maze Alpha X is a flagship smartphone without frames from China


Company Maze, appeared relatively recently on the global mobile market, is working on a new smartphone Alpha X, quite capable to compete with top-end gadgets And brands. This is an inexpensive and, importantly, frameless phablet three screen frame which will be barely noticeable due to their minimal thickness. In other …

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The United States and China against North Korea

Strange thing happened in September in the sky off the East coast of the DPRK, to which the closest in this century distance approached supersonic strategic bombers b-1, accompanied by F-15 fighters. Planes deliberately flew within sight of radar tracking, which the DPRK received from the Soviet Union in 80-e …

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