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China wins, Russia caviar

On the highway Khabarovsk — Komsomolsk-on-Amur inspectors of traffic police detained the car with a load of caviar and fish of valuable species, listed in the Red book. On 15 January, according to “Vostok-Media”. Detained violators face criminal proceedings for trafficking in endangered fish. The origin of the seized caviar …

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Four great inventions of ancient China

Four great inventions of ancient China Four great inventions of ancient China — in the eponymous book by the famous researcher of Chinese culture, Joseph Needham was christened invented in the Middle ages, paper, printing, gunpowder and the compass. These discoveries contributed to the fact that many areas of culture …

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US flexes China against Russia and North Korea

Us Secretary of state Rex Tillerson said that the US and China discussed the action plan in the case of “the fall of the regime” of the DPRK. According to Tillerson, “if for some internal reasons,” the DPRK will start a riot or “the regime will fall”, “the most important …

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Asia Times: what started the confrontation in the South China sea?

Possible war between Washington, its allies and China? Probably not. The public of Australia and the United States does not adhere to the anti-Chinese positions, in contrast to their governments In each story certainly involved a few parties. Territorial disputes between China and Philippines, Vietnam, Malaysia and Brunei in the …

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Customs detained thousands of parcels from China

Tens of thousands of parcels from China has accumulated at the customs of Russia, and are unlikely to reach recipients in this year or next – they simply do not miss. The reason lies in the new rules of the national customs imposed unexpectedly for the Russians and for foreign …

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In China declassified smartphone Oppo A83

Oppo company began its expansion in the Russian market of mobile electronics, is working on a new smartphone A83, which has already been submitted for testing to the Chinese regulator TENAA. That, in turn, have laid out all the information about it to the network, and the characteristics of this …

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