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The US and China oust Russia from Central Asia

Russia is losing its positions in Uzbekistan. The major direct investor in this country were the United States, a major trading partner – China. The Russian Federation did not have enough money and investment proposals that could radically improve relations between the two countries. The major direct investor in Uzbekistan …

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Pilaf in Chinese. China is slowly absorbing the ex-Soviet Central Asia

At the airport of Bishkek — Chinese “fences” with the characters before passport control, Chinese truck and taxi drivers in the Chinese cars. The capital of Kyrgyzstan travel hundreds of passenger buses production of China. Construction workers from China hastily erected complexes, flea markets (where they sell jackets and jeans …

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The Central Bank lost $4.5 billion playing on the dollar

Transactions of the Bank of Russia on the international currency market in 2017 turned the shock on reserves. Central Bank erroneously assessed the dynamics of the Euro against the dollar and suffered billions in losses due to exchange rate differences. During the year the Bank sold almost a third of …

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The Bank bailout may lead to a conflict of interest, the Central Bank

Michael Matovnikov, chief analyst of Sberbank, told the media that, in his opinion, the Central Bank, the rights of the shareholder “FC Opening” and “Binbank” and at the same time gosregulyatora, there may be a conflict of interest in financial rehabilitation of these financial institutions. The problem, according to experts, …

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Geopolitical ambitions of Turkey in Central Asia

When talking about external threats to the Eurasian economic Union, often focuses on the geopolitical aspirations of the United States, NATO and other Western integration projects, as well as on the ideology of radical Islamism. Some argue about the possible expansion of China, someone calls the main threat to climate …

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“Nezavisimaya Gazeta” writes about how the Ministry of Finance and the Central Bank are looking for a way to outwit the Russians

Introduce in Russia the system of individual pension capital is not designed for low-income citizens, “target audience – people with incomes of 50-60 thousand rubles a month.” These assessments resulted in “Nezavisimaya Gazeta” at the Association of private pension funds. However, the Finance Ministry and the Central Bank in the …

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