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Cells of the two-dimensional perovskite layers will improve the efficiency of solar cells and make their de

Researchers from National laboratory, Los Alamos (USA) has developed a new technology using perovskite that could greatly improve the efficiency and reduce the cost of solar panels, as well as a number of other electronic devices. Using thin film Ruddlesden-Popper, scientists have created a double-layered perovskites, which have a high …

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Stem cells helped “grow” the stomach

American scientists have made a record breakthrough in the study of possibilities and, most importantly, the unique abilities of stem cells. A group of specialists from the Medical center at children’s hospital in Cincinnati (Ohio) completed reconstruction of a real human stomach. Biological material for brilliant study became the so-called …

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Scientists have managed to grow a unique neural stem cells

Scientists say that an implanted brain cells started to perform its core functions. Researchers from the University of Luxembourg conducted a series of experiments, during which they managed on the basis of genetic manipulation to create neural stem cells basic units of structure and functioning of the skin. However, the …

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Doctors told that “kills” brain cells

5 things that kill brain cells.The human brain is one of the most complex and important organs of the body, and it needs quality prevention. The experts identified 5 things that are slowly killing brain cells. Smoking Tobacco smoke contains carbon monoxide. It is potentially deadly because joins Homam blood …

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This diet will rejuvenate your brain cells

Scientists have created a diet that will help to protect against Alzheimer’s disease and delay the aging of the brain by as much as 8 years. The diet name MIND was developed by the staff of the Medical center rush University on the basis of almost five years of research. …

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