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The main causes of low productivity in Russia

One of the main problems of Russia, why can’t she catch up with the First world — low productivity. So, according to the OECD, the value of GDP produced by 1 hour of working time in Russia to 2016 amounted to 36.8% of the corresponding figure for the US economy …

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The four main causes of the high life expectancy

Swedish scientists identified four main factors, directly related to the increased duration of human life. A study published in the Journal of Internal Medicine, and briefly about it, reports Medical Xpress. Experts believe that the necessary elements of a healthy lifestyle, allowing to reach old age, are Smoking cessation, regular …

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Lavrov spoke about Russia peacefulness and its causes

Russia is a peaceful country and peace is based on the ability of the state to ensure their safety in any situation, said Russian foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov. As noted Lavrov, Russia surely monitoring the situation in Europe and adheres to approach for integrated national security, protect its borders and …

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Psychosomatics: non-obvious causes of childhood diseases

Foto: Shutterstock Kluber 25. Nov 2016 16:02 Pediatric psychosomatics is a whole range of child experiences that he because of their age cannot Express and manifests itself in frequent illnesses and moods, writes “Kluber”. Pediatric psychosomatics is a whole range of child experiences that he because of their age cannot …

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The dermatologist called the main causes of dry skin

Even with careful daily skin care, we risk to find themselves dryness and roughness. Even if you have in your Arsenal is high-end cosmetics for the face, it is still the skin may be excessively dry. By the way, it can negatively affect the skin condition in the future. Renowned …

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Doctors have named the main causes of excess weight in children

Children who skip Breakfast in the future overweight.Researchers from London called the factors of overweight in children. Among them maternal Smoking, irregular sleeping and skipping Breakfast. According to a study at the University College of London, these factors are very important in predicting whether a child suffer overweight or obesity. …

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