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Visual art may be useful for patients with cancer

In the new study, published in “European Journal of Cancer Care”, says that visual art can help reduce anxiety and improve mood in patients with cancer. Scientists from the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, evaluated with the help of art teachers, as a short-term bedside visual arts (BVAI) affects mood, …

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Caution: these bananas can cause cancer

Bananas are considered very useful by product with a high content of potassium. The positive effect this fruit has on the heart and nerves due to the large amounts of vitamin B6. But a recent study organization, Ökotest showed that for the Germans a tropical fruit can be dangerous. The …

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Mobile phones under the pillow can cause cancer

Scientists from the Department of public health California warn that left next to a sleeping man mobile phones are a danger to his health. A mobile phone is often used as an alarm clock, with many leaving the device at night next to my pillow. Scientists strongly recommend to keep …

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Breast cancer actress Shannen Doherty is starring in the new series

instagram/theshando Star of TV series “Beverly hills 90210” and “Charmed” Shannen Doherty (Shannen Doherty) for nearly two years of struggling with breast cancer. The actress has found the strength not to give up and to start active treatment. 45-year-old Shannen has already undergone a mastectomy, chemotherapy and is undergoing another …

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These foods can trigger bowel cancer

The experts identified a list of products that can be instigators of development of cancer cells in the intestine. For anybody not a secret that food manufacturers use different flavorings, preservatives and emulsifiers to ensure that their products possessed a peculiar taste, pleasant aroma, had an attractive appearance, as well …

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This vegetable will protect from breast cancer

What should add to your diet today.For modern Oncology prevention of breast cancer is a priority, the successful solution of which depends on the health of millions of women around the world. According to the American Institute of cancer, every 10 woman has a chance meeting with this terrible disease. …

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