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Samsung again burned car

In the United States recorded case of car ignition, and the fire completely destroyed the vehicle, it can not be restored. Arson suspected member of group Samsung Galaxy is one of the former leaders. According to the latest information, the car caught fire Samsung, but the model is not yet …

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The Embassy of Ukraine in Warsaw burned portraits of Bandera and Shukhevych

Polish nationalists on Monday night burned the image of Stepan Bandera and Roman Shukhevych near the Ukrainian Embassy in Warsaw. The event was attended by representatives of the National movement, national youth and National radical camp. The demonstrators chanted slogans: “Shukhevych – killer”, “Bandera murderers” and holding banners reading “Bandera …

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In St. Petersburg burned an effigy of the “elections”

In the cities of Russia solemnly festive events dedicated to the Shrovetide. In St. Petersburg decided to go to the celebration outside the box. Activists of the movement “Spring” burned in effigy “elections”. Show completely… The organizers said that Russia “we need real elections, not their imitation” and “the future …

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Pavel Grudinin and his puppeteers: Washington Post office burned

Pavel Grudinin and his puppeteers: Washington Post office burned Western puppeteers Grudinina proved. In the “Washington Post” published an article which explicitly States that Grudinin is the only hope of the United States to overthrow “the hated Putin’s regime.” Alexei Navalny was indicative demoted. Allegedly, Navalny, of course, good videos …

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The epitaph burned Maserati

Snowy April morning of Monday, the 17th of April, news on one of the most popular Russian radio stations pumped details of the “fiery road accident in the centre of Moscow”, every half an hour enriching with new details are going to work the residents of Olenegorskom and Spas-Klepikov. When …

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