Wednesday , October 17 2018
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Inflation in “isolated” Russia has broken all records

Western countries dreaming of a so-called isolation of Russia, do not give up attempts to exert pressure on our country with a variety of restrictive measures. The idea was that sanctions would lead to the destruction of the Russian economy with all its consequences. In fact, unfortunately for the initiators …

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Broken loose cannons Vladimir Putin

On TV “KP” 14.08.17 published a long interview with state Duma Deputy Natalia Polonskaya, which she took the head of this media Roman Golovanov. A war of extermination, which for several months is an Poklonskaya with the movie “Matilda”, gradually develops into a struggle with some part of the Putin …

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The broken Windows of Russia

How does the theory of “broken Windows” in Russia Many high-profile crimes committed in our country, in fact could have been easily prevented Phrases like “When killed, the corpse will describe” or “When you kill time, call” has turned into the Internet in the dark Internet memes illustrating the reaction …

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iPhone and iPad can be broken with the help of iMessage

Apple’s proprietary messenger iMessage, as it turned out, can be used for the genocide of the mobile electronics logo is a bitten Apple. Just one text message can cripple both iPhone and iPad, and restore their performance with conventional methods no longer work. For this to work as it should, …

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Tramp – broken card of Putin

The more the Soviet government criticized the United States, the stronger was the interest in the Soviet Union everything American. I even found a time when America was perceived by many Russians, almost like heaven on earth. Putin did what you failed to Brezhnev and Andropov. When this anti-Americanism has …

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