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People were asked to smear on bread statistics

Last week our President during his visit to India said that the growth of real wages in Russia has reached record levels already in 2012 and amounted to 8.7%. Needless to say this has caused a flurry of snide comments online. “I would like to live in that Russia, which …

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Egypt does not want dirty Russian bread

The fate of Russian grain, 6 million tons of which annually buys Egypt, was subject to political bargaining powers of the two countries. Meanwhile, Egyptian prosecutors began an investigation into the corruption related to the issuance of permits for the import of “dirty” wheat. Stuck 250 thousand tons of grain …

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Bread, as we remember it

Not in the sense that we loved it there because were poor, hungry, and the bread saved our young organisms from lack of calories. We loved him at all. As an idea, as a symbol, as something very important, firm and beautiful… We’re growing in the war movies, the stories …

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Russia fed “bestial bread”

Russia in the current year raised a record crop of 130 million tons of grain. The quality of the bread, which is eaten by the Russians, has been steadily falling. The bread shelves in the shops are full of fake, which is sometimes hazardous to health. This is evidenced by …

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The grain the curse of Russia: a lot of Bread, and eat stuff

Russia collects a record wheat crop, while the country’s farmers are left with nothing — procurement grain prices are falling rapidly and become relevant production costs. As it happened: the government “inspired” farmers on grain production, but did not provide its export to foreign markets. Now in the Russian grain …

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The country is living, surviving on bread and kvas

Figures provided by the Academy and showing an increase in the income gap between rich and poor Russians look a little strange. Even according to Rosstat estimates, this difference is estimated at approximately 16 times. And I wouldn’t categorically say that inequality is growing strongly right now. The last time …

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