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The Central Bank lost $4.5 billion playing on the dollar

Transactions of the Bank of Russia on the international currency market in 2017 turned the shock on reserves. Central Bank erroneously assessed the dynamics of the Euro against the dollar and suffered billions in losses due to exchange rate differences. During the year the Bank sold almost a third of …

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Russia can take away $ 100 billion

Russia in January 2018 and reduced the volume of investments in U.S. bonds for $ 5.3 billion, the report said the U.S. Treasury published on the official website of the Department. Russian investments amounted to $ 96,9 billion in December 2017, they were more — $ 102,2 billion. However, in …

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Russia has spent 14.5 billion for the social network Skillsnet

The Russian authorities in the fall of 2016 blocked professional social network LinkedIn, and still not unblocked. Instead, it was created by its domestic analogue Skillsnet, the development of which was allocated 14.5 billion rubles. The size of kickbacks officially classified. The Skillsnet network was developed under the supervision of …

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Russia has given the United States a loan of $105.7 billion

Russia has given the United States a loan of $105.7 billion     Moscow, January 18 – “News.Economy.” Russia in November 2017 increased its investments in US Treasury bonds (US Treasuries), while China and Japan have sharply reduced such investments, according to the U.S. Treasury.     Russian investments in …

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