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Smartphone 5 Librem Linux became the hero Kickstarter


The company has developed the Purism Librem 5 smartphone, running on Linux, but funds to manufacture it in his pockets found and appealed for help to the public in the hope to collect 1.5 million dollars. The amount was collected in the shortest possible time, and now the smartphone, nothing …

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America became our “linking”


Russia thanked America for help and assistance, appointing its honorary role irremovable and permanent your enemy. Imagine that the United States of America suddenly vanished. Well, flew to the moon! And that we in Russia would do? What would say; whoever denounced or admired someone secretly? What’d cracked TV? And …

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How a Russian girl became an actress of Indian cinema


And worked as a cheerleader, traveled for free around the country the sacred cows and making 6 thousand a day (and no, this is not some online casino). Two years ago the Creator of small web Studio from Yekaterinburg decided to move to Goa, to remotely work on the ocean. …

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As it became terrible to live in Russia, how terrible…


“Look at you Rob, look will kill you, bury you like a dog, sing prayers…”. Or, as we vote irresponsible, and live. Police of Petrograd district Petrograd versed with the inhabitant of the Novgorod region, which on the Playground kick sent three children to the hospital, and his mother poured …

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