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The destruction of the atmosphere of Mars

<tbody> </tbody> Astrophysics from the Institute of space Sciences (Blue Marble Space Institute of Science) found that one of the reasons for the loss of the Martian atmosphere was interstellar clouds, according to the portal Report on the study published in the scientific journal Monthly Notices of the Royal …

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Scientists found a planet with an oxygen atmosphere

Planet according to its characteristics, it resembles Venus A group of researchers from the Smithsonian center for astrophysics (USA) found that exoplanet GJ 1132b may have an oxygen atmosphere. This planet was discovered last year, but now scientists have presented the first results of her research. GJ 1132b located just …

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Astronomers have discovered a planet with an oxygen atmosphere

Exoplanet located at a distance of 39 light years from Earth. Astronomers from the Harvard-Smithsonian center for astrophysics studied the atmosphere of the exoplanet GJ 1132b, which was opened last year. Located at a distance of 39 light years from earth, the exoplanet immediately attracted the attention of astronomers. Exoplanet …

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The US is going to blow up in the atmosphere the plasma bombs

The Americans figured out how to improve radio communication ionized gas. The U.S. air force will carry out their plans with the help of a fleet of micro-satellites CubeSat and the goal is to improve the quality of radio communications over large distance. Ultra-small satellites will deliver ionized gas directly …

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The atmosphere of Mars was once full of oxygen – NASA

NASA scientists have found new evidence that in the past Mars resembled Earth. The Rover Curiosity found in one of the rocks on Mars traces of oxides of manganese, indicating that in the distant past the atmosphere contained much more oxygen than today, says the article, published in the journal …

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