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In Antarctica found an unknown bacterium

An unusual bacterium found in a subglacial lake. In subglacial lake Vostok in Antarctica found a bacterium that has not yet been described by researchers. An unusual bacterium found in subglacial lake Vostok in Antarctica. This was announced by head of the laboratory of cryostability St.-Petersburg University of nuclear physics …

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In Antarctica, found ancient pyramids

A group of scientists from USA and Europe discovered on the territory of Antarctica three pyramidal structures, one of which is in the vicinity of the shoreline. The facilities will send an expedition, the objective of which is to determine the nature of structures. First images and mention of the …

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On the glaciers of Antarctica, there are young lake

The appearance of these lakes marks the beginning of the death of the glacier. On the surface of the glaciers of Antarctica be thousands of fresh blue lakes, which are formed from melted under the rays of the sun ice. According to scientists in an article published in the journal …

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In Antarctica to build a “Noah’s ark” for glacier

From August to September 2016 glaciologists will work on top of the Mont Blanc glacier Col du House. An international group of scientists started the implementation of the project ” Protecting Memory of Ice, which is to preserve valuable scientific information stored inside disappearing because of global warming glaciers. In …

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