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Smartphone Huawei P20 Lite announced ahead of time

The Internet held a semi-official announcement of the flagship smartphone Huawei P20 Lite, a full debut will take place in 10 days in Paris. Polish website Huawei has published all the specifications of the device as well as specifications, plus the device is shown in the Czech representation of the …

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Ahead in the 37th?

“At the forefront of efforts to make immigrant structures in the so-called revolutionary cells are the UK, Poland, Sweden, the Baltic States”. “This “fact” stuck with the remnants of all anti-Soviet forces, groups, and organizations that are stuck, at least as it is accurate established judicial investigation, four foreign intelligence: …

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The Estonian economy is growing well ahead of forecasts

This year economic growth in Estonia encourage larger investments. Next year is expected to more moderate growth of the economy is 3.3%. The economic growth will be more balanced than this year, according to a new economic Outlook Nordic Outlook, SEB Bank, writes Along with the high external demand, …

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Russia to go ahead

We can’t compete on an equal footing with Western SRT due to its objective advantages, while at the same technological level, so we always need to be at a higher level of technology is the only chance to win productivity and to overcome the effects of cucumber monkey. The system …

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LG G6 may go ahead of time

LG is working on a new flagship smartphone, the G6, which is going to introduce in late February or early March 2017. While its release is planned in April, but it can go the other way — there were rumors about a possible postponement of the announcement of the device …

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Engineering in Russian: there is no money, but you go ahead

  In Russia, talented professionals are faced with the dictates of the middlemen and government neglect Alexander Sitnikov <source srcset=”/p/16/162/162361/m-162361.jpg” media=”(min-width: 428px) and (max-width: 671px)”/><source srcset=”/p/16/162/162361/l-162361.jpg” media=”(min-width: 672px)”/> Photo: YAY/TASS   A group of experts from Strategy&, part of the global PwC network, have developed the concept application of the …

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