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For the hundredth time about the blunderbuss


Once again after reading another article (with lots of comments) about allowing/prohibiting the blunderbuss, I decided to write myself. Boiling! A little about yourself (that was not screaming about the ignorance of the topic, etc.). From my military experience 3 years (1993-95) I served in special units of the MIA …

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“Rosneft” can forget about the fields of Kirkuk?


The Iraqi oil Ministry plans to increase daily oil production at fields in Kirkuk to a million barrels. This was stated by the Minister of oil of Iraq Jabbar al-Luaibi. “Iraq intends to sign contracts with foreign oil company to increase oil production at the oilfields of Kirkuk to more …

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Syrian journalist about the war that never ended


Muhammad is a Syrian who took part in the hostilities in Syria as a journalist. He arrived in Russia 3 months ago in order to continue training. His work he left continues to shoot scenes in Russia for Syrian television. Syrian remembers what life was like in his country to …

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Life is worse than death: 12 facts about North Korea


Maybe before you threaten North Korea all penalties celestial, the US President Donald Trump would be worth to see with a special view of the world of North Koreans. He could understand that in Asia human life in General means little. By the way, is the flip side of Buddhism, …

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Everything you need to know about modern Russia


Research holding “ROMIR” has published data on the consumption of the Russians. With the exception of Central and North-Western districts, where the figures are clearly hypertrophied by the presence of two capitals, the average check of Russians/ins when going to the store is 425-467 rubles — 6,2-7,0 Euro. For the …

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