Monday , December 18 2017
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Fuss about nothing

Bourgeois analysts and experts have long started to actively play up the theme of Putin’s departure from the post of President. On the re-election for obvious reasons, no one stutters is almost a fait accompli. The main question that everyone is concerned: what’s next? It is understandable, because when you …

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Suddenly remembered that about the Olympics

In connection with the recent events I decided to repeat the publication of their post published on the opening of the Olympic games in Rio de Janeiro in August 2016. Olympics-80 in Moscow, in the context of recent events, interesting because it boycotted a number of Western countries and, accordingly, …

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This story is not about doping, but about the state of mind

Barred for life from competition for doping, the Russian bobsleigh and skeleton racers wrote a letter to Putin asking for help. It is full of Patriotic lamentations about the Russian flag, etc. Very young people behave absolutely on-Soviet: appeal to the head, as God, the totem, mystically able to break …

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