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A few words about the Russian perception of the US


zina_korzina wrote an interesting post about how we are perceived in the USA. And I speak on this issue. Maybe in a confusing way. The end of the 80s – in all seriousness, many people began to speculate that “the real socialism built in the USA”. Also in those days …

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A few words about the Russian bourgeois Gentilhomme


At that time, as the average Russian manages to survive on the salary at 30.8 thousand (net of income tax), and the average pensioner miraculously manages not to stretch the legs on 13,7 thousand rubles, Pro-oligarchic circles of the Russian establishment has embraced a psychosis – these bloodsuckers of the …

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What we want to know about FSB in the “answer”


Marasmic order (the project), which is preparing to publish the Ministry of communications, leaves no doubt that at the end of its existence “vertical” finally went nuts and decided to protect themselves from the people to the last ordinary police. If the order is signed, soon the whole country will …

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About vandalism


Don’t like when the case and use that word. Do not like nerds, complainers, lovers, all sorts of ways, including print and verbal, to Express aggression. Somehow annoying and unnerving. This time I can not resist, that she cannot Express these feelings, anger and rage. At us in Kaliningrad and …

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