Tuesday , August 14 2018
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About the Railways without the Mat

You know how hard it is to do when talking about Russian Railways without emotion, but I’ll try. Although it is difficult. Friends! Keep that in mind. Our favorite Corporation came up with for dear Russians another zapodeanu. Yesterday, returning from Samara to Moscow, I have arrived at the wonderful …

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New song about Kostya the sailor

In the seaport area of life does not stop even in the rain. Of course, the rain for many people brings boredom and depression. But I won’t have time to be sad, because the rain can be prolonged. So, I was reminded of the popular song of Vladimir Agatov about …

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A few words about Soviet “destroyed the economy”

    On the photo: Transistor radio TR-63 SONY. The TR-63 was manufactured from 1955 to the license that SONY bought the American company Western Electric. However, experts made SONY TR-63 smaller than the original American model. The receiver first received the name “pocket”. In the USA the TR-63 was …

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The Americans told about the main failure of the su-57

Serial production of the Russian fighter of the fifth generation su-57 has stalled because of the lack of a suitable powerplant, the portal writes The Drive. Image: YouTube Military observers of the portal Joseph Trevithick and Tyler Rogoway believe that the production of engines of the second stage is “Product …

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