Sunday , June 25 2017
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About gas, there are two news: good and bad…


Wanted to wait for the final decision of the European Commission in relation to the “Nord stream-2” and approval of a new package of American sanctions, and after write a lot of material about the timing, investors and hysterics of SOME countries of Europe. But Poland’s late, and this is …

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Why can’t they be fed with slogans about “greatness”?


No, I really do not understand why not to feed Breakfast French, Germans, Finns, Swedes? Why they do not ride up stories about what, for example, the leader of the state for nearly 20 years prevented damned Russians wanting to take their country? Show completely… Why those people need affordable …

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A word about the growth of the economy has not helped


The stock market is falling with acceleration, not reacting to statements by President Putin The market has not yet reacted on passing the “straight line” President Vladimir Putin, according to IK “Finam”. The benchmarks are falling with acceleration amid tightening sanctions from the United States. “The RTS index fell 3.2 …

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Investigators have not forgotten about Yevgeny Vasilyev


Completed the investigation in 40 cases of theft of property of the Ministry of defense of the ex-leadership of the Department of the military. Military investigation Department (APU) of the RF IC has completed the investigation of the main case against the former head of Department of property relations (DIO) …

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