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Tablets are less interested in the Russians

Our country continues to face a decline in living standards and simultaneously demand for tablet computers. And if the first is related to stability, the second reason is something different. In the first quarter of this year was marked by as much as 8.5 percent drop in sales compared to the same period in 2015.

Statistics gathered and provided research company IDC, noting that in monetary terms the interest in tablets has declined even more — by almost 13 percent. Of course, during the crisis no Apple may not be the sales leader, and Samsung survived by a miracle in the top only due to its cheap models, but it is practically not inferior To brand.

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Note that the fall refers exclusively to the traditional tablets, but more functional hybrids, on the contrary, in the trend: shipments in the first quarter increased by 87 percent in quantitative terms, because a hardware keyboard is a necessary thing. In this segment, ASUS is leading, and the three leaders also includes Lenovo and Samsung. OC Google Android in both segments occupy a leading position, holding almost 85 percent of the market, while iOS and Windows 10 have to be content with the remaining 15 percent. We add that the demand for conventional tablets is falling amid rising sales of phablets — a slightly more compact gadgets, which can to call and to connect to LTE Internet.

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