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TABATA is one of the most effective fitness techniques

Табата – одна из самых эффективных фитнес-методикTABATA for weight loss can be a real salvation for those who are desperate to find a slim figure under a thick layer of body fat.

System TABATA exercises will help in a month, get rid of extra pounds, strengthen a muscular corset and to make the press more attractive.

For such a system of training the will, patience and desire to make your figure perfect.

The TABATA system was invented in the 90-ies of the famous Japanese doctor Izumi TABATA. Such training lasts less than five minutes, but exercise is so increase metabolism that the organism, a few hours after exercise continues to burn fat.

System features TABATA

Exercises the TABATA system run for 20 seconds, after which the body must be allowed to relax for 10 seconds and repeat the cycle. The main reason for the effectiveness of this system is a quick exercise, so a person must perform more than eight repetitions of any exercise for 20 seconds.
Start the workout with the most basic exercises such as: squats, pushups, lunges or lifting dumbbells. The TABATA system is important, not the difficulty of the drill, and the speed of its implementation. Before you start training for such a system, it is necessary to define a timer which sets are in your training.

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Exercises that you can incorporate into a TABATA system:


Pushups from knees or plank position.

The breeding dumbbell lying on back and standing.

French press: sitting on a chair and leaning his arms on the seat, you need to slowly lower your buttocks to the floor and return to starting position.

Lunges, knee touching the floor.

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Climbs knees to elbows, it should try to touch right knee to left shoulder and Vice versa.

All of these exercises can be performed with sports equipment, and without it.

Basic rules:

Try not to eat an hour before workout.

Before training it is necessary well to stretch your muscles. For this, you can do leg swings, tilts forward, backward or run in place.

Breath – very important part of the system TABATA, so try to exhale on effort and inhale on relaxation.

You should not combine TABATA with diets because the body needs not only burn fat but also rejuvenate.

It is not recommended to do the exercises the TABATA system for people suffering from cardiovascular diseases in the period of viral diseases.

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