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Syria. Yesterday’s events

Сирия. Вчерашние события

New information about the victim in tel afar on 27 February the Russian military. Was initially running a version of domestic conflict between the Kurds and the Russian military police. According to her between the Kurds and the Russian military clash occurred at the unit level. Confirmation of this information was not even on the death of the military were quite definite.

Now it’s a fundamentally different clarification: killed at a police officer, and military Advisor, and under the impact of the Turkish aviation. The attacks of the Turks the area was indeed. Formal – on the Kurds.


Сирия. Вчерашние события

Confirmation from the Russian defense Ministry, of course, waiting makes no sense. Especially now, when they need to focus on stories that yesterday’s cartoon of the President is not removed in the Studio of “good night kids”. However, if the loss of EA from the Turkish air strikes really happened, it could mean that the increased fighter wing on Mamimi, which very pointedly covered entry of Syrian troops and Russian units in Afrin, is not scared of the Turks. They actively showed that their Turkish hedgehog naked ass to scare difficult. But because the need to demonstrate the powerful forces on our side anymore. Indeed, yesterday Mamima fighter gain returned to Russia. Went back and the su-57. There were not four, but still two. Apparently there was only one flight, causing observers have noticed only the fact re-planting, which caused the rumors about the new batch of su-57.

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In General, anybody especially the Russian threat is not impressed, but because the advance of the Syrians in ‘ afrīn stalled, they have remained in the occupied areas, the Russian aircraft flew away, the Turks continue to expand the buffer zone in the area of operation “Olive branch”. Well, killed by the Turks the military is a tolerable loss. Not to start the same for him the third world, right?


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Сирия. Вчерашние события

In the South, the us air force continues to bomb the remaining divisions of Pro-Assad forces on the left Bank of the Euphrates. They are few, but the Kurds and the Americans are determined to finally close the issue of the possible attacks of the fields on the left Bank.


Сирия. Вчерашние события

In Eastern ghouta yesterday, Shiite troops moved to the East of the district, but the militants managed to partially restore the status quo. Over the last 3 days of Assad’s losses amounted to 344 people. While in assault groups are the most prepared – in fact, most of the losses attributed to the Republican guard. It should be noted that the losses are comparable with Mosul operation Iraqi military effectiveness of government forces is also quite close, the only difference is that Iraq was a much more substantial reserve in humans. Assad it is very small, and this determines a lower critical bar losses.


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