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Syria: what is known about the mortar shelling of the air base “Hamim”

Сирия: что известно о минометном обстреле авиабазы «Хмеймим»

Syria, 5 Jan. After the attack on a military base “Hamim” in SAR on 31 December, the Syrian Arab army (SAA) has significantly strengthened the protection of areas that are in the vicinity of the aerodrome. This was announced by the Ministry of defence of the Russian Federation. All that is known at the moment about the shelling of the Russian airbase at Federal news Agency (FAN).

According to the defense Ministry of the Russian Federation, 31 December 2017 by nightfall, the airfield “Hamim” has undergone a sudden mortar attack mobile sabotage groups of militants. In the result of a mortar attack killed two Russian soldiers. As specified, the Syrian government forces are searching for terrorists involved in the attack on the airfield and reinforce the protection regime adjacent to “Mamimo” areas.

This is not the first attack of radical Islamists directed against the Russian air group VC Russia in Syria. 27 Dec from the area of the settlement Bdama the militants of the so-called “1st coastal brigade” “free Syrian army” (FSA) launched several missiles at Russian air base. But then the missile-gun complex “Pantsir-S1” successfully intercepted two of them and one blew up, it reached, in the town of jableh.

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Сирия: что известно о минометном обстреле авиабазы «Хмеймим»


Syria: what is known about the mortar shelling of the air base “Hamim” / Press service of the defense Ministry

Long before the official messages of the Ministry of defense of the Russian Federation, a number of media began to spread the message that supposedly the result of attack by fighters of the air base “Hamim” was destroyed at least seven aircraft, more than ten soldiers were injured. Despite the fact that the defense Ministry has denied some media about the alleged serious consequences of fire, wave of information passed through social networks, where some authors began to tell their version of events.

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So, blogger Roman Sapojnikov claiming to be a military journalist, has published on his page in social network “Vkontakte” some photos that allegedly confirmed the shelling of the air base “Hamim”, but the authenticity of these photos is questionable. In the Internet environment Sapojnikova imagine how “the correspondent of the Federal news Agency (FAN) and “Journalistic truth” in Syria.” Edition FAN informs readers that the publication is irrelevant to the citizen Spanikova has not, and two years ago he performed a one-time order edition FAN. Also, as reported by FAN, chief editor of the portal “Journalistic truth” Sergey Ushakov, Roman Sapojnikov is not a member of the “journalistic truth”.

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