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Superpower knocked his fist on the table relative to Nord Stream 2. The world shuddered

The parliaments of Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Ukraine and Moldova, have signed a letter expressing protest against the construction of the pipeline “Nord stream — 2”

Супердержавы постучали кулаком по столу относительно Nord Stream 2. Мир вздрогнул

“The gas pipeline “Nord stream — 2″ is aimed at energy dependence of the States of the European Union on Russia”, — quotes their opinion “Polish radio”.


Straight after the joke:

Come as five superpowers, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Ukraine and Moldova to the EU Council and say: “If the pipeline going through the Baltic States , Poland went to Ukraine and then through Moldova, that would be the norm”…

These fragments of the Russian Empire, proclaims its “independence”, just want to continue to parasitize on those sources that link them with the former metropolis.

Nord Stream 2 project say the very dangerous. Why? Fuck knows, but said that in Washington, gas supplies, they say, should be open. Now, to open the hatch in the pipe – and there is gas flowing. Everything is transparent. And when the pipe in the sea – opaque.

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But honestly, who cares what kind of pipe to send the same gas? If there was a choice of the supplier, then it’s understandable.

Refusing Russian gas, it is possible to sacrifice its industry. Poland, the Baltic States and Ukraine make it easy since they are the donors of foreign economies. But in Germany, there may come a crisis, as their competitiveness rests on Russian energy. Russian gas is the most reliable. If Europe does not vozmet it, it risks to remain without gas, forest will burn and the end.

The main thing is that Germany agreed.

Negotiations with Ukraine on the transit from 01.01.20 not conducted. Now Gazprom is sending a clear signal about the presence of only two variants of gas supply:

a) Gas from 10.00 January 1, 2020 (maybe sooner) will be supplied via Nord stream to Germany, via Turkish stream in Greece and the old route through Belarus. Other ways of delivery of gas will not.

b) the Gas is not supplied. Don’t like Russian gas, well, buy elsewhere in tridoroga, coal, wood, dung head. Gazprom is ready to go to the principles and loss. Moreover, after entering the Power of Siberia to China, even in the event of the failure of the European Nord stream 2, Gazprom, and not much revenue is lost.

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Супердержавы постучали кулаком по столу относительно Nord Stream 2. Мир вздрогнул

The gas pipeline “Nord stream -2” will be built because it is needed in Germany. Transit through Ukraine is not reliable, it is understood in Europe all: can’t the owner of the gas and its transit to be in constant conflict. Ukrainian pipe Khan, the contract will be terminated, Ukraine will not be any more cheap gas, no transit. The tale of “energy threat” to Europe from Russia to warm anyone in Europe can’t. The fact that Gazprom is trying to get rid of unreliable and controversial transit Ukraine — not a secret, and there is nothing unusual in this. Gazprom to feed the Ukrainian economy will not operate at a loss, too.

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