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Suizidalnaya the online game “the Blue whale” came to China

Суицидальняя онлайн-игра "Синий кит" дошла до Китая

Chinese police are concerned about the emergence of the Internet of suicidal games like “the Blue whale”, which in Russia killed at least 15 people, according to the Chinese newspaper Global Tiemes.

The Chinese cyberpolice have found the community “Blue whale” and “4.20” in chat rooms, social network QQ and proceeded to block them, for fear of tragic consequences. In the city of Jiangsu cyberpolice have shut down three QQ group, although the organizers announced the creation of a community “for fun” and lack of intent to cause harm to anyone.

According to the newspaper the Beijing News, may 6, closed for about 12 groups with titles and the hashtag “blue whale”, but their growth continues.

One of the editors of Chinese social media WeChat intentionally joined the group in the network QQ to clarify the situation. According to him, every member of the community require the number of his ID card (similar to passport used in China), home address, and photograph in the Nude.

While information about suicides of children associated with the “blue whale” no.

The “group of death”

Such a “group of death” appeared in the social network “Vkontakte” a few years ago. Its terms was to communicate with the administrators of chat exactly to 04.20 and wearing carrying knives and causing cuts on hands. On suicidal groups “Whales swim up” “Wake me up at 4.20”, f57, f58, “Quiet house”, “Rina”, “Nya.while”, “Sea whale”, “50 days before my…” talking to Russia in the beginning of this year. Recently it added a new group “Blue whale”. The interest of adolescents to the criminal groups, fueled by the fact that they’re hard to shoot. Applicants are required to reinforce their desire to join the group with appropriate action, such as the application of light cuts.

After joining the group participants for 50 days to perform 50 tasks assigned to them by the group administrator. There were reported cases when because of the refusal of a teenager to do the job he was threatened with reprisals against relatives. The results of the tasks the participant had to confirm the reports. The game ended with the suicide of a teenager at a certain time according to the plan.

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Closed communities in Russia

At the end of last year it became known about detention in the Moscow region admin one of the “groups of death” 21-year-old Budykina Philip, known as Philip the Fox. In the period from December 2013 to may 2016 Philip Fox and his associates organized eight private pages in social network “Vkontakte”, where he persuaded teenagers to suicide through online games and activities. According to investigators, his actions led to the suicide of at least 15 teenagers, five more were rescued. Still the Fox is under arrest.

According to the “Center of Internet technologies” (ROCIT), with a January 2017 in Russia was 41 601 possible member of the “group of death”. “The blue whale” was alarmed and Instagram, who discussed the situation with Roskomnadzor and removed over 300 references to the “group of death”. Dangerous game cover not only Russia, but also Kazakhstan, Kirghizia, Ukraine and other countries of the former USSR. By the way, Kazakhstan has imposed a ban on all public servers that may tempt children to suicide.

The head of Ingushetia Yunus-Bek Yevkurov gave a Commission to oblige all schools in the region to conduct explanatory conversations with students. According to the Secretary of security Council of Republic Ahmed Dzeitov, “In the regions of Russia registered more than 100 cases of suicide of children hooked on this game. In Ingushetia, the cases of suicide no.”

To pay attention to close and advises the Commissioner on child rights in the Chechen Republic Khamzat Khirakhmatov: “the child’s mind is very vulnerable, and children are easily exposed to the psychological attack, and what are the admins-killer. Children think that they really was someone watching, are conducted on these tricks, as the curator calls them ‘ and begins to threaten the lives of loved ones and relatives. Naturally the child is frightened and goes to the end, trying to complete all the tasks. Therefore, parents need to be attentive to their children, so they do not fall under the propaganda of the virtual game “the Blue whale””.

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Not only the “group of death”

According to the official representative of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation Vladimir Markin, the number of suicides among minors in Russia is higher than the global indicators three times. In 2015 year, there were 460 suicides, in August 2016 ― 350. In 2016, Russia has committed suicide 720 children, said Vice-speaker of the state Duma Irina Yarovaya.

According to the Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation, more than 60% of suicides in the country-related conflict within the family, teachers, classmates, fear of adult violence and callousness.

A special analysis of child and adolescent suicide conducted and the Ministry of internal Affairs of Russia. According to the Ministry, in 30% of cases the reason for the settling of accounts with life was unrequited love, family conflicts, 29%, and 10% of cases occur in connection with mental illness. Only 1.5% is accounted for by the use of psychoactive substances and alcohol, and the influence of Internet sites are guilty of only 0.6% of cases.

According to psychologists, teenage suicide is guilty not only of the “group of death”. If teenagers do not find support in the social network, they got it elsewhere off the Internet. With the “group of death” we must fight the causes of suicide more deeply and to eliminate them we must first.

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