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Suddenly: you trust Russia more than the US — Obama

Неожиданно: России доверяют больше, чем США, — Обама

The number of people who think that Russia deserves more trust than the US, is growing. It is recognized by President Barack Obama in comments transfer 60 Minutes on CBS News.

During the conversation with the journalist, Obama raised the issue of the unity of the United States in connection with hacking attacks. The current head of the White house has admitted that he is concerned the state of democracy in the United States and the country’s ability to maintain a sense of unity. While Obama has mentioned the situation with hacker attacks, the responsibility for which the White house attributes to unproven Russia.

“In the case of the Russian hacker attacks bothered me, and surprised not the fact of hacker attacks, because both China and Russia, and Iran, a… and the United States (Obama said after verifying the leading — approx.ed.).

The extent of the collection of information in cyberspace is very high, — declared the President of the United States. — My concern is how some circles are convinced that Russian President Vladimir Putin is more credible than the US government. This is something new”.

Recall that at the end of 2016, President Barack Obama imposed new sanctions against Russia for allegedly “meddling in the election” and “pressure on American diplomats.” Under the restrictive measures were also 35 Russian diplomats, which was announced in the United States persona non grata.

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In early January 2017, US intelligence agencies have submitted part of the report on Russian involvement in cyber attacks. Document data according to some media, looked very unconvincing.

However, the U.S. state Department tried to explain the lack of evidence of Russia’s involvement in hacker attacks in the report of special services the need to protect sources of information.

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“We should not be surprised that in the unclassified version of the intelligence community to protect sensitive information, especially concerning the work with sources and methods”, — said the press-Secretary of diplomatic Department, John Kirby.

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