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Subsidies 2018: “overboard” – pensioners, families of participants ATO and the unemployed

Субсидии 2018: "за бортом" - пенсионеры, семьи участников АТО и безработные

In the month of June in social networks began to appear the history of the “victims” of the new rules to obtain subsidies, which entered into force on 1 may.

Znayu decided to find out what categories of needy Ukrainians, despite the small income, subject to the restrictions, having been refused in registration of feed-in tariffs, and whether there is an opportunity to regain lost “gosschalk”.


Субсидии 2018: "за бортом" - пенсионеры, семьи участников АТО и безработныеSuffer the families of the ATO participants and villagers

According to the NGO “Public auditing”, a total budget for subsidies 71 billion. in January-may 2018 the government is transferred to suppliers housing and communal services in the form of subsidies 47, 62 billion UAH. and should be left for the consumed services of 11.04 billion. So in total we have spent 58,66 billion. until the end of the year is just of 12.34 billion. is actually 17% of the projected budget.

“Relevant ministries could not understand what the budgeted money is not enough, they sounded figures of 100-120 billion, but took 71 of which still had to repay the debt over the past year, 25 billion, says a leading analyst of the NGO “Public auditing” Taras galaida. – Due to lack of funds in the budget, instead of seeking reserves, it is possible to review the funding of other state programs, the Government has decided not to bother and to reduce subsidiesto”.

And, it is worth noting that the result of the new rules for obtaining “Goskino” utilities are already hundreds, if not thousands, are excluded from the list of families.

“My brother is a member of the ATO. At the end of last year he was seriously injured and ahead of a lengthy rehabilitation period that just need a lot of money. He has a wife with two children daughter. Now she refused to grant, because a few years ago purchased a car for 4 thousand dollars – it was the money from the sold home to their grandmother. However, none of this into consideration does not take”, – says a resident of the district Darnytsa Anastasia Volodko.

Субсидии 2018: "за бортом" - пенсионеры, семьи участников АТО и безработные 

Behind remain Ukrainians living in the house, the area more than 200 sq. m. however, this excludes neither the place nor the living conditions of the family.

“My girlfriend now needs to live in a big old house parents in a small village near Kiev, to keep an eye on my house, and for parents. Its area is 210 squares. Not only that, they barely survived the winter, in thousands of UAH stocking up on firewood, and now she was told that her family will be left without the benefits of communal. The situation is critical”, – complains the inhabitant of Kiev region Valentina Litovchenko.

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Субсидии 2018: "за бортом" - пенсионеры, семьи участников АТО и безработныеHundreds of similar stories you can see in the relevant groups on social networking pages.

Субсидии 2018: "за бортом" - пенсионеры, семьи участников АТО и безработныеThe unemployed and the heirs are deprived of benefits

Now to refuse the grant have every right, if in the family there is a person over 18 years of age and they do not learn and, thus, officially not working and not registered as unemployed.

“Now, to qualify for a subsidy, it is necessary either to be registered in the employment center, or formally employed. Otherwise, the bodies of social security will assume that such persons are shady, that is, undeclared income, and will charge them automatically three conventional subsistence level. As a result the person remains outside the list of subsidianes,” says candidate of legal Sciences, expert of housing and communal services Andrey Nikonchuk.

Субсидии 2018: "за бортом" - пенсионеры, семьи участников АТО и безработныеThe categories that are automatically denied benefits at the communal, also includes persons who within 12 months before applying for the subsidy received an inheritance or other lawful way acquired the right of ownership to a land plot, an apartment, a house or a vehicle.

“Party” need to be reduced in June

Under the new rules, “state discount” on housing and communal services is lost, and if non-payment for housing and communal services. According to the rules of granting subsidies, debt should not exceed 20 times the minimum – 340 UAH.

“Debt is not always the result of extravagance or irresponsibility subsidence. In most cases, the person or family is simply not enough money to live even with subsidy: someone spent on drugs, someone was robbed, someone counted much more than the cover provided by benefits. And to deprive him for that subsidy, thus even more aggravating the already existing problems – socially fair,” – said a leading analyst of the NGO” Public auditing “Taras galaida.

In the list of debtors automatically can get thousands of pensioners who are getting 1300 – 1500 UAH. pensions, still pay the assessed amount over the Central heating. For example, at inhabitants of standard one-bedroom apartment with a total amount of more than 1200 UAH. the subsidy covers 710 UAH. therefore, for each heating month, the pensioner had to pay 550 UAH.

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Субсидии 2018: "за бортом" - пенсионеры, семьи участников АТО и безработныеPlenty of similar stories on gas, when the subsidy is scheduled for sotsnormy 3-6 cubes, and the house forcibly equipped house by the gas meter and has retired on a gas stove for 30-40 cubic meters on which subsidy is not available. As a result, accumulated debt, as a result of – deprivation of subsidies and disconnecting the gas.

“If a lonely person with low income (retired, disabled), or a large family, do not have the funds for the payment of bills without a subsidy that is not provided through the fault of the government, in connection with the term “upgrading”, such a disadvantaged person or family fall in debtors and rules may be deprived of subsidies, – says Taras galaida. – And that’s the update for equity and adequacy”.

Therefore, according to experts, in the result of the June operation, when people get receipts for may, likely will be eliminated part of subsidianes, and those most in need.

Complaints – the Department of social protection

However, the chance to get a grant from the citizens still have – for this you need to contact your local Department of social protection.

“At the district offices of labour and social protection of the population, there is a special Commission, which should consider individual cases. People who do not have the financial ability to pay for housing and utilities and, for one reason or another was removed from the list subsidences can contact them. The Commission individually needs to consider each statement, and the inspector to assess the level and living conditions of the family”, – says candidate of legal Sciences, expert of housing and communal services Andrey Nikonchuk.


Субсидии 2018: "за бортом" - пенсионеры, семьи участников АТО и безработныеHowever, how long would be considered a statement, you cannot tell for sure – all depends on the workload of the respective committees. But, as a result of a positive decision, the amount accrued for the current months, will be recalculated.

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