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Student in Ivanteevka: “I came here to die!”

The student came to school with smoke bombs, shot from the pneumatic weapon, hit the teacher over the head with a kitchen hatchet, and then blew up firecrackers and started shooting.

How to write social reports of the incident, the teenager threw firecrackers and started shooting from the pneumatic weapon. However, he shouted that wants to die. Three teenagers and a teacher was hospitalized with a head injury in the intensive care unit fell 39-year-old teacher (according to the source “Interfax”, the bully hit her with a hammer on the forehead). Three students, fearing inadequate teenager jumped from the Windows, receiving various injuries.

And here is the “hero” of the day: page in VK

Школьник в Ивантеевке: "Я пришел сюда, чтобы сдохнуть!" 

Teacher Lyudmila Kalmykova, the injured in an armed attack at school No. 1 in Ivanteevka situated near Moscow, told how it all happened:
— He started yelling something about: “I waited for three years.” After that I was shot in the face and hit over the head with a cleaver for cutting meat.

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Classmates and acquaintances of the boy as one he told about his strange behavior: “the Guy is very closed, studying 9 “B”. There is a friend who previously spoke with him, and he planned to attack, but nobody believed that.” Also a teen the whole year kept a diary, in which details were painted, what he wants to do with his disciples, and he hated school. Misha’s relatives now claim that their records he destroyed before the attack, but most likely, he had them stashed somewhere.

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Now it became known that the youngster had seen a psychiatrist. And the wall in the VC, it’s hard to decide what the guy is adequate: a huge number of posts with groups on the topic of murder, suicide and hatred of her classmates. Okay friends/acquaintances, they could not react because of their age, but where parents are watching the child with such a fragile psyche?

A long time ago it was necessary to introduce a mandatory examination by psychiatrists of all children from a certain age. A huge number of such situations could be avoided.

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