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Start the de-dollarization with yourself

Close to Putin banker Kostin of VTB proposed to abandon the dollar. He was joined by the Deputy Minister of Finance Moiseyev (on behalf of the Ministry). And now the Minister of economy..

All of this leads directly to “RAID on the banks” of the population and withdrawal of cash.

And in a normal country Costin, Moses, and … would leave their posts on the day after their statements. But it is not in Russia. They made their statements only in order to please Putin. For more of this nonsense is not worth anything.

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Of course, there are reservations.

But the fact is that the Trinity Costin-Moses-part wants to not do it themselves, and the citizens abandoned their dollars – dollars that they have in the accounts.

But that is wrong.

Start, Lord Costin, Moses, and … with yourself. Put all their savings into rubles and open all the accounts for companies, so everyone can see what they have in rubles. You husbandary, government officials. You have to hide?

Start the de-dollarization of the Russian economy itself. And invite all of the sycophants – officials the officials, the bankers, to join you.

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And the citizens will decide for themselves what they can do with their dollar bills. They do not touch. Do not go to people in the pocket is a steal.
But as I understand it, judging by the fact that the issue is not stalled, and is discussed Costin-.-well of Moses took to sprinkling protest of the Russian oil on a hot pan.

Right, revolutionary bankers, financiers and economists.

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