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Start cruise missile “Calibre” made with the submarine “Severodvinsk”

Пуск крылатой ракеты "Калибр" произведен с АПЛ "Северодвинск"

Nuclear submarine of the Northern fleet “Severodvinsk” successfully hit the training target coastal cruise missile “Calibre”, reports TASS.

“The crew of the newest multi-purpose nuclear submarine of the Northern fleet of the project 885 “Severodvinsk” within the framework of the implementation of the plan of combat training was performed from a submerged position, the successful launch of cruise missiles of sea basing “Caliber” from the Barents sea via the coastal training targets on the range Chizha in the Arkhangelsk region. The missile hit the target with high precision”, – said the head of the press service of the Northern fleet captain 1st rank Vadim Serga.

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Пуск крылатой ракеты "Калибр" произведен с АПЛ "Северодвинск"

The control of the cruise missile launch at sea was carried out by representatives of the command and submarine forces of the Northern fleet aboard the large antisubmarine ship “Vice-Admiral Kulakov”.

Submarine “Severodvinsk” was out at sea a few days ago.

Multipurpose nuclear submarine “Severodvinsk” is the lead ship of project 885 “Ash”, it was adopted in the Russian Navy in June 2014. During pilot operation the crew performed a series of tests of weapons, equipment and systems of the vehicle in different modes of operation, including for deep-sea diving.

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The submarine is equipped with modern automated control systems, hydroacoustic complexes and electronic weapons, torpedo and missile weapons.

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