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Sports capital of Russia can remain without the world Championships

Спортивная столица России может остаться без чемпионатов мира

From 1 April 2018, the European and world Championships for us will be banned

On April fool’s Day with the submission of WADA, Russia will lose the opportunity to apply to host the international sporting event if by the time anti-doping Agency of Russia (RUSADA) will not be reinstated, said RIA “Novosti” press Secretary vada Maggie Durand. And the rights it likely will not recover because of the four positive doping tests, discovered at the winter Olympics-2018, which competed the representatives of 92 countries, two have been taken from Russian athletes.

That Russia, along with Kazan will be deprived of the world championship on football of 2018, it is, of course, is not. And what about the world championship on swimming on short water which, as has been officially announced, to be held in the capital of Tatarstan in 2022. Is canceled? No, the President of the Russian swimming Federation, member of the Bureau of the International swimming Federation Vladimir Salnikov commented on this possibility: “the Contract for the world Cup was awarded to the Kazan FINA”. We are talking only about the competition, for which Russia has not yet managed to sign contracts with international federations on the Olympic and not just Olympic sports. The only exceptions are tournaments held under the auspices of UEFA and Euroleague basketball, which had not signed the WADA code. All the rest of the world and European Championships, for which Kazan has become accustomed, will be put bold cross. For a long time or maybe forever?

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Спортивная столица России может остаться без чемпионатов мира



According to the “godfather” of the Kazan Universiade-2013, RF state Duma Deputy from Tatarstan Marat Barievfor the recovery of RUSADA rights necessary to fulfill two conditions:

– Just four days prior to the closing of the winter Olympics the decision was made to transfer IOC $ 15 million penalty for doping, and we were sure that this is the only condition. But there are second is that we must recognize the existence of previously state system of support of doping. This position is not just doping, it is political. Neither WADA does not remove this requirement, or we can’t somehow bypass.


Спортивная столица России может остаться без чемпионатов мира

– Not very good that we were caught for doping at the Olympics. And before the summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro we did not want to admit – reminded the reporter of “MK-Povolzh’e” two-time Olympic medalist, a state Duma Deputy from Tatarstan Irek Zinnurov. – I said back then that the doping scandal will not end in one Olympics. The pressure will continue, and we must be ready for it. Excluded from this struggle do not need to continue. Need constant hard work lawyers. Before the Olympics in Pyeongchang, many said that it is not necessary to go there, since we are not allowed to act under the Russian flag. But if we go a hundred percent, we would not see at least the next two Olympiads. We need to ensure that our people were not only in IOC, but also in the international anti-doping system. Then we will be able to protect their rights. We had to anticipate such a development. Well, what WADA requires to recognize the existence in the past of the state doping programme, as the President of the Russian Olympic Committee Alexander Zhukov has apologized to the IOC Executive Board for violations of doping rules by Russian athletes. But if they demand an official apology, it is unlikely that it will be done. However, I don’t know.

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Спортивная столица России может остаться без чемпионатов мира

The Minister of youth Affairs and sport of RT Vladimir Leonov was very brief.

All those events which had not been previously scheduled will be held as planned, he said. – It is premature to comment on something, because a full understanding of the situation at the moment, no.


Спортивная столица России может остаться без чемпионатов мира

Recall, incidentally, that if the holding of the Kazan stage of the world Cup snowboard last year was cancelled because of financial reasons, the cancellation of the world championship in athletics among juniors 2016 was connected just the same with the doping scandal.

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