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Special forces will receive electronicly invisible

Спецназ получит электроциклы-невидимки

Unique machine is almost impossible to hear, they do not emit heat and is invisible to radar

Russian special forces will move behind enemy lines on a unique quiet motorcycles stealth. Instead of the usual gasoline internal combustion engines on the new products installed powered by battery motors. Case goods made of composite materials. They practically do not emit heat, and invisible to radar. Therefore, to detect the motorcycle, especially at night, is difficult.

According to experts, motorcycles are invisible necessary for the Russian special forces. They will help secretly to explore, to cover the flanks of the column, and even make small raids into the enemy’s rear. Abroad, the motorcycle has long been firmly established in the parks all leading special forces.

As told “Izvestia” in the Russian defense Ministry, at present the first batch of new products is already being tested. Military clarify the characteristics of the motorcycle invisible, and conduct exercises to identify tactical problems that they can solve. The research results in the design of the spetsnaz bikes will be a number of changes. In particular, the military is not entirely satisfied with the capacity and range of motorcycles invisible.

About the new product is not much known. The motorcycle is designed to carry one or two soldiers. It has the mount for personal weapons, equipment, backpacks commandos, as well as radio stations and satellite navigators. Equipment and lighting allow you to control the motorcycle even if the driver operates night vision devices.

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The movement of the bike causes the motor. It not only provides good throughput, but makes the bike silent. In particular, at a distance of several meters to hear it is almost impossible. Also in contrast to the internal combustion engine when the electric motor emits much less heat. This is especially important for action at night, when the enemy uses the cameras.

Another important feature of novelty is the case with a high proportion of composite materials. He not only withstand substantial loads, but almost does not emit heat. Composite materials make the bike invisible to radar.

Currently, motorcycles are widely used by the American “green berets”, “seals”, Rangers, fighters, “Delta”, as well as commandos of the air force. Also there are stories in the British SAS regiment, in the German group of special purpose KSK.

— Motorcycles are used in conjunction with vehicles. When making a RAID in the rear of enemy fighters on motorcycles conduct reconnaissance ahead of columns, — told “Izvestia” independent military expert Anton Lavrov. Also motorcyclists cover the columns flanks. Sometimes motorcyclists-the commandos in small groups make raids on the enemy or conduct reconnaissance. Motorcycles with equipment and inventory is easy to throw in the desired area, and then to be evacuated by helicopter.

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As the expert noted, currently, the Russian special forces not only fulfills a traditional Hiking raids, but are actively learning how to operate armored vehicles. In particular, in the arsenals of the Russian special forces there were “Tigers”, “Typhoon”, and light buggy. Therefore, motorcycles are becoming vital for the Russian special forces.

The first motorcycles appeared in 1942, armed with British SAS regiment. British commandos used them in the deserts of Egypt and Libya during raids on German airfields. Motorcyclists were prospecting and covered group of special military vehicles. At the beginning of 1980 in preparation for operation “eagle Claw” (the release of American diplomats trapped in Tehran) special forces officer US air force on the motorcycle traveled several hundred kilometers deep into Iran, beating all the posts. Found a suitable area to accommodate the runway and marked it. Then just as quietly left Iran.

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