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Souvenirs from the journey: what to buy and where to get?

Сувениры из путешествия: что покупать и где брать?

Travel we be filled with positive emotions and unforgettable impressions… And, returning home, we want to bring not only the good memories and lots of pictures, but also a part of the place of gifts and Souvenirs that will remind us of the exquisite pleasure… But banal postcards and magnets is so boring. We offer a selection of unique and colorful Souvenirs from different countries of the world.


The first thing that comes to mind at the mention of India is the spices…Turmeric, cumin, cardamom, cloves, cinnamon, fennel and saffron – all this smells incredible, looks bright and adds dishes a new taste. Indian spices recommend to buy in the shops, as the market bags with the condiments are open and get dust and dirt, while the scent of spices disappears.

Even from India you can carry jewelry, natural cosmetics, vegetable oils, from pashmina shawls, traditional clothing adorned with beadwork, and, of course, tea.

Сувениры из путешествия: что покупать и где брать?


The best gift from Kazakhstan – a gift that is associated with the traditions of the Kazakhs. They decided to serve refreshments in a beautiful dish with a national figure, so the choice of painted dishes and bowls are simply amazing. And in Kazakhstan the popular felt products. Unusual scarves and Slippers, kaftans and bags of warm and cozy felt and decorated with traditional patterns and can serve as a great gift. And don’t forget the culinary gifts, for example, cheese balls “Kurt” or “Kazi” is a traditional meat sausage.


Forget small copy of the statue of Liberty and magnets with views of Manhattan. Better buy a pack of coffee “blue mountain” or “Marshalls”, a coffee Cup from Starbucks, these jeans Levis, vitamins and Supplements (they’re very good quality and sold at affordable prices), the famous scented candles Bath and Body Works and Yankee Candle, whiskey and different vintage things in America, a lot of shops selling Antiques.


Standard set – cheese, watches and chocolate. If more, then choose the famous cheese of Appenzell, gruyere, Emmental, or raclette Warren – cheese for frying. It is better to buy in large supermarkets by type Globus or Manor, and home to take in a special vacuum packaging. Chocolate can be purchased in the form of gold bars is very symbolic or bring chocolate truffles. Of delicacies will note on local cured meats, like prosciutto and white wine.

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Сувениры из путешествия: что покупать и где брать?


At the mention of the country immediately conjure foamy beer and flavored sausages. But you can expand your horizons and look for natural sprays (Logona, Weleda, Dr.Hauschka, Sante, Lavera, Alverde), sweets with marzipan or Nuremberg gingerbread is fabulously beautiful package. And more is to take from Germany medicinal liquor Jägermeister and the mustard is beautifully packaged in little glass jars and different tastes.


Thailand is a shopping heaven with low prices and huge selection. Here you can buy everything from counterfeit Rolex, sapphires and pearls and ending with black rice and coconut oil. Usually tourists “taryatsya” jewelry and precious stones, Thai balms, herbal oils, cosmetics, herbs and oils, local charm blue tea from orchids and delicious fruit.


Country fashion, spirits and wines beckoning boutiques and cosy gastronomic shops. But tell you a secret French cheese is mainly on the fan, and things couture are not cheaper than in other places. So if you want something from the world of fashion, it is better to dig at flea markets – where you can find incredibly beautiful scarves and shawls, vintage dresses, original jewelry and other wonders.

Also noteworthy of the wine (Bordeaux or Burgundy) and the French cognac, foie Gras, Provencal herbs along with a mortar for grinding, toys made of ecologically clean wood Vilas, aromatic lavender soap and more books – they are in France love and respect.

Сувениры из путешествия: что покупать и где брать?


Malta sells wonderful laces, woven according to a unique technology. Also these places are famous for the jewelry made of gold and silver. Often driven out of here, leather accessories, scarves and shawls made of goat down, delicious honey, a Maltese wines and liquors.


Canada is the maple. So, the first shopping list would be maple syrup. It is sold in beautiful glass bottles in the form of a maple leaf – great gift idea for family. The second character of the country — beaver, but if a soft toy you’re not interested, you can grab ice wine Ice Wine (from frozen grapes), or jams from blueberries.

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We have in this country, than to profit – cosmetics with salts and Dead sea mud, natural soap, date honey, pomegranate wine, hummus, halva with cinnamon, pistachio or coffee beans, beautiful shaped candles, spices for meat and fish and very good local pastries – for example, cupcakes company “DON”.

Сувениры из путешествия: что покупать и где брать?

Czech Republic

In addition to beer and Bohemian crystal, note the wonderful decorations from Serpa with grenades – the famous brand from Granat Turnov, Czech Republic. Buying them, be sure to ask the certificate of quality, because often there are fakes. Another gift for the beautiful ladies, the famous jewelry Swarovki. And only in the Czech Republic mined unique gemstone flatin the green – glassware will be a great present. And for men, choose from hats and caps of Czech factory Tonak. Their products are made from warm and soft wool Alpine goats.


Sweden is not a cheap country, but Souvenirs and cute knick-knacks abound here. Seasoned travelers suggest to carry candy’s chocolate factory of the town’or and Marabou chocolate, smoked meat, and elk pate, lovely Swedish knives, hot drink Glogg, the famous tobacco “Swedish snus”, jams in beautiful small jars, pendants with runes or Drakkar, crystal from the province of småland.


Tea lovers must visit specialty store “Whittard of Chelsea” there is a huge selection of different teas, including exotic. As for tea, you can buy a box of English chocolate Cadbury biscuits or Shortbread. From the drinks stronger choose Scottish or Irish whiskey, and children will enjoy the orange marmalade, which is more like a jam and sold in banks. You can also buy a warm scarf, a funny hat and a t-shirt with the emblem of the football club.

Сувениры из путешествия: что покупать и где брать?


Of course, first turn to take out Greece should the olives and olive oil, and it is very tasty honey, feta cheese and Oriental sweets. In Athens you can buy beautiful pottery and jewelry in antique style, leather shoes and accessories. Good souvenir – Greek handmade soap with olive oil.

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