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South of Russia is sinking together with the future harvest

Юг России тонет вместе с будущим урожаем

In two southern regions — Stavropol and Adygea from-for the strongest flooding was declared a state of emergency. Flooded nearly 5 million homes and farms, destroyed 15 thousand hectares of farmland, killed two people. Stavropol region authorities have decided to evacuate the inhabitants of seven settlements in connection with the increase of water discharge on Otkaznenskoe reservoir. In addition, floods in the Kuban, where each new day declared a storm warning. The “breadbasket” of the country is sinking.

Demolished two bridges and two dams

Rains started in the Stavropol region for a long time, but the most destructive were they in the night from 23 to 24 may. According to a leading forecaster of the regional hydrometeorological centre Svetlana Solovieva, this may 90% of the territory of the Stavropol region fell more than two monthly norms of precipitation. And this is the result of the passage of the southern cyclones that did not develop showed a similar scale of activity since the beginning of regular meteorological observations (since 1964).

By the morning of may 24, were flooded, according to official data of the regional emergency Department, 1650 yards and farms in 19 villages, of which the largest is the Nevinnomyssk and two of the district, and the City Kursavka.

Flooded several villages (including Sergius, Levokumka and may day) had completely disconnected from gas and electricity. Was stopped by the water treatment plant Yutsa, as well as the main conduit, the supply from this station localities Snake, Borodinovka and part of Mineral Waters. Because of the threat of landslides was temporarily blocked traffic on the Federal highway “Caucasus”.

The day after Stavropol state of emergency was introduced in the next Adygea Republic: due to the heavy rains raised the water level in the rivers of Fars and Chehra, which flooded several settlements. The flow of flood water was so powerful that it demolished two pedestrian suspension bridge on the river Farce and completely destroyed a waterproof dam in the village of Khakurinokhabl (Shovgenovsky district) and the tubular spillway to the Central pond in the village of New (giaginsk district).

According to the Deputy chief of management of civil protection of GU Ministry of emergency situations of Russia in Adygea Victor Reznikova, by the Saturday of the flood situation in the Republic has improved markedly: the waters were abated from of the vast number of flooded the grounds, and even in the lowlands, the water level decreased.

If in Adygea, the number of flooded homes and farms declined, in the Stavropol region, in contrast, only grew on Saturday, according to the MOE, was flooded even more than 1,400 houses, inhabited by nearly 4.5 thousand people. A state of emergency imposed in the Stavropol region, was promoted to the Federal level (in the Adygea Republic — regional). To personally monitor the progress of the rescue work, in Caucasian mineral waters region has arrived the Minister of emergency situations Vladimir Puchkov and Deputy Vladlen Feldman.

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Wait another four months!

For four days in the Stavropol region did not stop the rains, rescuers evacuated more than 3.6 thousand people: they either went to their relatives or housed in the evacuation centres. MCHS organized a 24-hour comprehensive paragraphs livelihoods: here, prepared hot meals, medical and psychological assistance, can charge mobile phones and other equipment.

Own the Stavropol rescuers can not cope in the region has deployed hundreds of emergency workers of the Rostov region, as well as hundred of students of universities of EMERCOM Academy of civil defense Academy and state fire service (they will clear the debris and clean the backyard). To complete the restoration work, promised Governor Vladimir Vladimirov, will be able not earlier than September 30.

On Saturday morning when clearing blockages in gardening Association “the Motorist” near the Mineral Water was discovered the bodies of two people — a 52-year-old man and 57-year-old woman. Appointed forensic medical examination to determine the cause of their death. But, most likely, the victims of the flood.

You have to urgently strengthen the waterworks, which is about to collapse: that is, for example, the dam on New pond in the village Sablinskoye and the dam of one of the largest in the region Otkaznenskogo reservoir (due to the forced increase in discharge will cause partial flooding of Zelenokumsk and several villages along the river Kuma). The water broke through the dam in the village Civil and the village of Suvorovskaya, now they also want to restore.

All hydrotechnical works will be carried out, of course, at the expense of the Federal budget. Also, as promised to Vladimir Puchkov, the victims of the floods in the Stavropol and Adygea Republic will receive financial aid (10 thousand) and compensation for lost property (to 100 thousand). Moreover, the money received by all residents in the flooded area, even if they did not have official registration.

“EMERCOM of Russia has already prepared the corresponding decision in the near future it will be submitted to the government of the Russian Federation”, — said Puchkov.

The heavens were left without a loaf

According Adyghe emergency management in the flooding area was not less than 900 hectares of agricultural land. More accurate data leads the Ministry of agriculture of Stavropol territory: as a result of heavy rains have affected almost 14 thousand hectares of sown areas (flooded 10.7 thousand hectares, and completely washed away 3.4 thousand hectares — they have turned into meadows).

What spring crops are grown in the flooded areas, not officially reported. News Agency “APK-inform” indicates (based on interviews of villagers in the flood-affected areas) that is mainly sunflower, corn and soya.

In this case, according to conservative estimates, from crop direct losses of manufacturers can range from 800 million to one billion rubles (taking into account average yields and grain price). And this is without taking into account the fact that it was not possible to collect the seeds to sow 2018. Also as a result of flooding silted arable land and pastures, which greatly reduces their productivity; flood water washed away the fertile layer of soil — humus.

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In addition, as indicated in the Ministry of agriculture of the region, the constant heavy rains hindered the conduct of fungicidal treatment of crops (in other words, of controlling harmful fungi). This means that on fields of winter grain can appear dangerous pathogens. And again — minus the crop.

Rains in the Stavropol region continues, so that the area of flooding can only increase. And with them — and economic damage. Estimate it will be a special working group which will begin work next week. Officials also estimate, in what areas, go where the water, can produce reseeding later cultures: the money is, of course, will allocate from the budget.

“To dramatize the situation is not worth it!”

Last week, Deputy Prime Minister of Russia Arkady Dvorkovich instructed the Ministry of agriculture to deal with problems that develop around the spring sowing. Among the main pain points — debt provision of government support and delays in insurance planting (including weather disasters).

So dramatic any promising crop-2017? With this question “Free press” asked our resident experts, founder of marketing group “Alekhine and partners” the Novel Alekhine:

— So far there is no evidence to suggest that the picture is grim, what is it Dvorkovich. Firstly, a record harvest, of course, this year will not, however, to talk about the poor harvest of early phase of active growth, most crops are in the summer months, so decisive a slight delay in their development on common indicators will not have.

Secondly, if to speak about the General situation on the insurance market, it is not so bad: for the year 2016, the growth of the industry was 25%, which is ahead of the pace of the overall market. In my opinion, this suggests that in the future the rates will rise.

Of course, now there are some problems due to the fact that the government shifted the issue of subsidizing the cost of insurance policies on the regions, but they will be solved, as are more technical in nature (no single mechanism for the processing of documents, the unresolved issues with payment policies over the past year).

It is unlikely that the regions will be to bring the situation on the insurance market before the crisis, because note that it will not be beneficial to either regional or Federal authorities.

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