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Chronicles of pravacholonline: paddy from infancy


In Yekaterinburg police shoved in a paddy wagon, a woman with a baby – according to their version, for illegal trade, according to arrested – for anything   In Ekaterinburg scandal due to the fact that on June 1, police arrested 22-year-old woman with a child, unlawfully traded fruit and …

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The DPRK will not


Russian opposition leader Mikhail Kasyanov hopes that Russia can replace the President in a peaceful way but to bring this idea to Mr. Putin himself, yet it fails. As for the Baltic States that their security depends on whether Putin will manage to conduct a transaction in Ukraine, with Western …

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A signal


Olga Romanova, said that the search for them in “Russia sitting” came after “authorities” received “a signal”. I suggest that is the wording to amend our legislation. And during the investigation and in court to operate with concept “a signal” as a circumstance sufficient for search, arrest, sentencing and imprisonment. …

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Day Zvezdnoe, or the Perfect religion


Hand to dissect the concept of “homeland”, we immediately see that dealing with another religion. *At the moment it is all powerful and ineradicable. Getting rid of it almost impossible. This is the case when removal of the tumor leads to disappearance of the patient. We can only record this …

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How dull and monotonous country braces


Russia is a country of stereotypes. All that does not fit into the stereotypes that either causes aggression or at least unhealthy surprise. Actually, I previously had a do not care, but after a few months of life outside the braces I stopped to pay attention to the color of …

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Published a list of the most drinking regions of Russia


According to Rospotrebnadzor, the most alcoholic beverages consumed in Russia inhabitants of the Magadan region, the newspaper “Izvestia”. In addition, among the drinkers regions were Moscow, the Sakhalin oblast and the Komi Republic. It is noted that in the Moscow region most of the country drank beer per capita is …

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Putin showed the way and heard whining in response


They say that every country has a favorite sport or a favorite pastime that shows her character, attitude to life and so on. This is not always the case, but sensible grain in such observations exist. For example, say that the Board game Go can tell a lot about the …

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