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How to feed under socialism


Lying in the hospital — it is not pleasant. The meal (like so it is called in official language) — a rare and happy event that is inferior in importance only to visit family and friends. Many even love hospital food: viscous porridge, quarters of tomatoes, delicious waves mash. But …

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The government has responded to claims by the Voinovich wife Medvedev


“They know who to congratulate when.” Well-known writer Vladimir Voinovich excited Monday community unexpected appeal – to the wife of the Prime Minister of the Russian Federation. Classic of Russian literature said that recently celebrated its 85th anniversary in the CDL, the stage “decided to boast” written congratulation from Medvedev …

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Dogs and sick kids are not allowed


During the First opium war, when Shanghai was controlled by the British, at the entrance to one of the parks they hung a sign “dogs and Chinese allowed.” This phrase was not so much to prohibit the entrance to the Chinese (at that time racial segregation was commonplace), but to …

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Serfdom – Russian tradition?


State media, deputies and officials in a voice call, a new draft law “On enforcement proceedings”, which entered into force on 1 October, is very liberal. They claim that helped the Russians life, after partially (and very slightly) corrected their own mistakes. However, even to these they say should be …

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“Russian trace” in Catalonia


In mid-August in Barcelona there was a terrible terrorist act. The truck crashed into a crowd of people, leaving a trail of blood from dozens of dead and wounded.   In conversation with my friends, I said then that this act didn’t just happen in the capital of Catalonia, which …

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About 70


Have” target=”_self” rel=”nofollow”>” target=”_self” rel=”nofollow”>zina_korzina read an interesting post about the children/teenagers of the 70s. Because I was there in 1972 in first grade in 1982 graduated from high school – began to remember. Remember childhood so enjoyable. 1972. Arbat. Near the house school No. 59 of them. Gogol. …

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“Remora” – As in tsarist Russia called the current consultants retail outlets. And right told! Will not have time to cross the threshold of any trading floor, but already there these consultants are swarming, and all eyes are on incoming… young and green, trained to impropriety in the relationship, although …

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