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About vandalism


Don’t like when the case and use that word. Do not like nerds, complainers, lovers, all sorts of ways, including print and verbal, to Express aggression. Somehow annoying and unnerving. This time I can not resist, that she cannot Express these feelings, anger and rage. At us in Kaliningrad and …

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The right to children


Soon Russia will be put a parent ID, and in order to get them, you will need to pass a special examination. In the United States have families taken children due to the fact that the parents bad passed the IQ test. On the stage of the experiment – Russia. …

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Game and civilization


Here I read the next opus of wild velikolepnoi Europe and Russia. Here, read… “until the 19th century Russia, despite all the shortcomings, was the most civilized of the European States…the Russian ambassadors at the court of Louis XIV wrote that their Majesty “stinks like unto a wild beast.” Themselves …

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The forgotten order


Or Why Russia has still not held a de-Stalinization 30 July 1937 the people’s Commissar of internal Affairs Nikolai Yezhov signed operational order No. 00447 “On the operation of repression of former kulaks, criminals and other anti-Soviet elements”. On 5 August the order came into force. He opened the massive …

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Who are the judges?


Exactly ten years ago on August 4, 2007, a group of angry citizens, men and women has fallen with charges, accusations and angry clerical rebuke, not forgetting, as it is now accepted by liberals and “patriots”, maznut mud our Soviet Motherland and to the Communist party in the 10 academics …

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Why are there so many idiots?


Loneliness is the lot of smart, or the punishment of a fool? Each of us in varying degrees, feel that the world around him is saturated with idiots. In the sense of inadequate idiots, unintelligent fools and primitive noobs. They are everywhere: around, above, below. Among driving by on the …

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The Russian oligarchs were given 180 days to remedy Putin?


“Nord stream – 2”, the oil and gas sector, banking sector and other sectors – all this stuff That’s the main thing:   The Minister of Finance in coordination with the Director of national intelligence and the Secretary of state not later than 180 days after enactment, and annually thereafter, …

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About “Mukhina four” and standing “poklonski sheep”

While the government is preparing a massacre of sahincati (igpr “ZOV”, Yuri Mukhin, Kirill Barabash, Valery Parfenov, Alexander Sokolov), the mass “poklona” three thousand staged a prayer vigil against the film “Matilda”. Accents. PUPPETS AND CARRION Well, stood in prayer led by pathological blonde Poklonskaya? To read the comments of …

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