Sunday , June 25 2017
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The poor don’t belong here


The Ministry of Finance publishes the second issue of Federal loan bonds to the public (BFL-n). The office of Anton Siluanov plans to borrow from the population of even 15 billion. Despite the fact that the first issue sold out very quickly — in just a month instead of the …

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Farm markets and kooptorg in the USSR


Today, only very very stoned comrade will deny the fact of shortages of meat products in Soviet shops Brezhnev times. At the time, I brought a lot of facts this total deficit, only a complete fool would deny the fact of “sausage landings” of the areas in the largest cities …

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Ice house forever


All pictures are from Google “Between the Admiralty and the Winter Palace, as if on wave of a magic wand, stood up in a few days, a gorgeous building, what no country, except Russia, does not produce what could only proizvesti harsh North our through the brutal winter… The entire …

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The Soviet pensions


Sometimes we hear tales about the fact that the Union pensions were hoo how big, “not now” (TM). They say almost in a tourist trip to France was on a Soviet pension to make. And the fact that Soviet pensioners did not go there – it’s because I’m tired of …

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Who knows all

Just doesn’t know everything? It is not, of course. Omniscient person exists! June 15, 2017 will see and hear all our big country… — Is it true that genius is a disease? — someone asked Hippocrates. “Of course,” he replied. But, unfortunately, this disease is very rare and absolutely non-contagious. …

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The oath of allegiance to Russia


The oath of allegiance to Russia in obtaining citizenship. Well, that’s half the battle. I think it is high time to separate the dissidents from the normal citizens of Russia. It is also necessary to impose restrictions on the profile of businesses in the state bodies, the defense industry, in …

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The elimination of illiteracy


I’m not dumb gray mass, I’m a person! The person – man as the representative of the society, freely and responsibly defines its position among the people. Is formed in interaction with the surrounding world, social system and human relations, culture. Man is not born a person but becomes one …

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Alexander Rodgers: Beads have not the sword


The other day I, again, some commentators have tried to claim “So you will not overpersuade” in a couple of Russophobia. And I’m really not trying to. I tried to warn you that it will be bad when their “euromaidan” had just begun. I told you it was the people …

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