Monday , August 21 2017
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The protests gradually grow


In the Kremlin will study the results of a survey by the Levada center, the attitude of Russians to the idea of resignation Medvedev — this was stated press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov. According to published 26 APR numbers research, 45% of respondents in varying degrees support the …

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Why people like Taylor or Milon, are we have MPs?


Inside Dmitry Medvedev are fighting different demons. Some demons want to live in Psekhako and walk like a centipede in countless sneakers, temporarily gaining the upper hand and say that freedom is better than unfreedom . Good against evil demons. Unfortunately, often prevail evil and then we hear that there …

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The birthday Ogre


I don’t agree that Lenin’s corpse supposed to be buried. Lenin is manic infernal mutant, hated life in all its diversity, and its corpse should be interred. It should be burned and the ashes scattered over some huge garbage dump. At the same time should be burned and scattered over …

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If the dialogue between society and government?

Is it possible to recognize “great” anti-revolutionary recipe — to prevent the duel society and the state? The author of the recipe — Alexander Solzhenitsyn certainly was not stupid. However, this “recipe” in my opinion, cannot be considered smart, because there can be no duel between slave and master. We …

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Our dog’s attitude to Putin – our main drawback


Love (hate) Putin, as I love (hate) it I? On this issue, I think, is the main rift in our society. Connects all sensation or feeling any troubles, draughty in grim faces, desperate swearing in social networks – no longer-no escaping on the streets and in the shops. And the …

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The broken Windows of Russia


How does the theory of “broken Windows” in Russia Many high-profile crimes committed in our country, in fact could have been easily prevented Phrases like “When killed, the corpse will describe” or “When you kill time, call” has turned into the Internet in the dark Internet memes illustrating the reaction …

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What to do with Lenin’s corpse?


Here already more quarters of the century are endless debates about whether military burial of Lenin’s remains or not? In my opinion, if the society debated a similar theme, it is unhealthy psychologically. Of course, that any dead person should be buried in accordance with religious, legal, moral and sanitary …

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