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What would happen if a homeless person to give 100 000$ ?


In 2005, a homeless man named Ted Rodrigue stumbled upon the portfolio, which found 100 of thousands of dollars (at current exchange rate is about 123 thousand dollars) denominations $20 and $50. Screenwriter Wayne powers, who owned the briefcase, gave Ted the money, saying that now he can do with …

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Question Amateur


Photo from Google Today the whole day watching the news, wisely and modestly, the President spoke with the king of Saudi Arabia and how happy we, the natives, reported on a bumper crop of grain this year. That is so simple and easy to understand, said unto the people and …

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How to rebuild an apartment without scandals


The desire to adjust the dimensions of the housing, if they for some reason are not satisfied the new owner, quite naturally. But its improper implementation may result in serious penalties, and in some severe cases, in General the selection of the property, if you overlook some important nuances. What …

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Rabbi Lazar moved to the Crimea


The Jewish community of Simferopol celebrated Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish new year and Yom Kippur, the Day of absolution, together with a new spiritual leader. It was the son of the chief Rabbi of Russia Berel Lazar. About what the Federation of Jewish communities of Russia (FJC) has sent Rabbi …

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The peasant’s share in the Council of Deputies


The state in which the peasantry is own in the paddock – a degrading state. I have repeatedly asked: “you dwell on the negative aspects of the USSR and what in Russia there is no negative.” Is. Persistent inability to revive its peasantry is one of the most negative aspects …

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Not the 37th


There is always the saving phrase: it is not 1937. Well, after all, do not shoot people, not pass judgements threes in five minutes, not buried in landfills, like cattle. No mass rallies, which the crazy crowd demands to be shot like mad dogs all in a row. No doctors …

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A lonely old woman survived with the help of neighbors


A lonely old woman survived with the help of neighbors. But then they find out the news that she has inherited a million dollars There are people who say that it is better to give than to receive. These words can not accurately describe the history of this lonely 86-year-old …

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