Thursday , June 22 2017
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Than feed people in the Soviet canteens


Friends here write in PM, what is here is a very interesting topic about USSR — Soviet catering. In principle, this is acceptable, the theme is really quite extensive and interesting. Like many other spheres of Soviet life, catering existed in two forms — ideal-theoretical and real practical. In the …

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(Publish with minor changes your post, written in the jubilee celebrations a few years ago) Now Batalov on all channels will do a true Soviet artist with a smooth as a polished table, a biography, almost hereditary working gosh. Alexei Batalov – a hereditary nobleman, anti-Soviet, the grandson of enemies …

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The post-nuclear world of Alice Selezneva

So, let us again recall the moment of Parting. Alice tells classmates Frank tale and does not hide it. Why? Perhaps now we can answer this question – we were a quarter of the way. It was a merciful lie. Imagine yourself in 1912 – sunset year of the nineteenth …

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In SBU they want to punish the media for propaganda Russia


The Minister said that the need to introduce criminal liability for the Russian propaganda in the media. The head of the SBU Basil Gritsak proposes to develop changes in legislation to criminalise manifestations of Russian propaganda in Ukrainian media. This is stated in his address. “An adequate rebuff to the …

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Russia predict the Maidan in December


Alexei Navalny can arrange Maidan in Russia in December of this year. About it at session of the Moscow debating club WTF said political analyst Andrei Bogdanov. “What Navalny opens everywhere the staff? I think by the beginning of December will be collected about 2 million signatures for the nomination …

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In Ukraine in 70-fold increase in the incidence of measles


An overwhelming number of cases of the disease recorded in Ivano-Frankivsk and Odessa regions. This year, the incidence of measles in Ukraine has increased more than 70 times compared to last year. Cases of the disease was recorded in 15 regions, the press service of the Ministry of health. So, …

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Poll: every third Belarusian wished to emigrate from the country


Almost a third of Belarusians, whether they have the opportunity, I would have left to another country for permanent residence. More than 40% are willing to send their children to study abroad. The April public opinion poll conducted by the “Belarusian analytical workshop” Andrei Vardamatski, which the sociologist shared with …

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And then what?


Okay. Let’s start with the good. You can’t imagine how I’m tired to chew it in thousand five hundred millionth time, but if it is necessary – means necessary. So. Good. 1. Initiative. This time it came from the protesters. That’s good. The imposition of their agenda is the most …

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