Friday , November 17 2017
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Society should not make people’s brains


When ideology or laws in conflict with the instincts, it ends badly for the individual and for the country, says physiologist Svyatoslav Medvedev. The experiments with the mass consciousness, side effects of high spirituality and vulnerability of creative people in an interview to “Rosbalt” says the physiologist, the academician, Director …

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About the monopoly of religion on morality


In the era of scientific and technological progress, which is repeatedly causing more and more attacks on religious, mystical, idealistic world, the last argument in defense of religion is the assertion that religion teaches good that only she carries the weight of moral ideals, that without religion society will freak …

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Catalonia surrendered


The Parliament of Catalonia acknowledged the decision of the Spanish government about its dissolution and ceased to work until early elections. It is noted that scheduled for Tuesday, October 31 meeting of the Presidium of the Parliament is cancelled. The Prime Minister of the government, conducted a referendum on independence …

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The revolution will happen within a week?


Only a week left until November 5, the day that announced, supporters of opposition politician Vyacheslav Maltsev as the beginning of the revolution in Russia. The following week, Sunday, the “concerned citizens” in social networks are encouraged to enter the international meetings and to Express their disagreement with current government …

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Anatomy Of A Scoop. Essay 2. The effect of curb


In the popular series about Dr. Quinn, medicine woman with the Wild West, one of the first series is such a strange episode. The villagers tell the doctor that the Queen, as they were lynched, hung some of his neighbor, because he dug up on the site well. The story …

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Russian liberals something broke inside


The audience of “echo of Moscow” is all large eccentricities and looks loses more and more sanity. The reasons for this, of course, are complex, but one of the key points to specify very easily. From a tragic incident like what happened in the editorial office of radio “Echo of …

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First — hatred. And whom to hate — it is like then


The program “culture shock” Rubinstein― Well, it is definitely a reality. This is not started today, not even yesterday. Starting from some time in the social atmosphere began to increase this sense of aggression like this, and at first even some abstract. Show full… I can feel it literally a …

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