Sunday , June 25 2017
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How to dress in a crisis


Today more and more attention is paid to universalism. It is possible to combine models with different things, striving for practicality. In addition, due to the major models of things to form your style and image. You can save considerably if you buy clothes in stores-flows and the discount. It …

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Dmitry Gudkov: another peal of laughter in the world?


Mikhail Khodorkovsky declared in the international search. What follows from this? Another peal of laughter in the world? For such queries our intelligence services already and do not react. Ilya Ponomarev, the Russian Federation is also searched with a lantern and a dog, calmly goes to different countries, same goes …

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“The ugliness by law or the beauty in the mess?”


First, mayor Sobyanin announced the impending demolition of illegal and ugly kiosks near the metro — and everyone liked it. Then, on the night of Monday to Tuesday, stalls were demolished — there is already heard the grumbling of the public and arose the meme “the night of the long …

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Ukraine announced a sharp drop in the shadow economy


The level of shadow economy in Ukraine from January to September 2015 was 40% of GDP, which is 41% better GDP for the same period of 2014. About it reports the Ministry of economic development and trade. The office noted that earlier liquidation has been constrained several pending issues: the …

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The British used the passport as toilet paper


A resident of the UK faye Wilson used his own passport as toilet paper. As it became known, during the next lot 28-year-old tourist pulled out a few pages from the document, because there is no toilet paper. It is noted that the young woman was in a state of …

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Walk to the Prosecutor’s office


While the Ukrainian government is throwing away yet another promise to raise military salaries, military personnel from 53 separate mechanized brigade, based in the Nikolaev area, on foot went to the military Prosecutor’s office in the city of Nikolaev. The reason for this was the attitude of command to their …

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Per day from flu in Ukraine died 26 persons


Among the dead – three children under the age of 17 years. The number of victims of flu in Ukraine is growing, the day he died, another 26, the press service of the Ministry of health. According to the Ministry, since the beginning of the epidemic season in the country …

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Russian school begin to build in Damascus


Russian school to be built in Damascus. The allocation of land for its construction has already ordered that the municipality of the capital of Syria. On Tuesday told reporters the Russian Ambassador to Syria Alexander Kinsac. The diplomat stressed that the Syrian side is interested in its opened as soon …

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In Latvia liquidate the education in Russian language


The Latvian authorities are preparing a plan for the elimination of education in Russian. The government of Marisa Kuchinskisa (sacs) is already hard at work on the transition to a unified standard of education in the Latvian language in state and municipal schools. The implementation of the transition plan to …

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