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The Venus project – a world without politics, poverty and war


Organization “the Venus Project” offers a real plan of action for social change aimed at achieving peaceful and sustainable global civilization. The Venus project is the culmination of the life works of Jacque fresco. It represents the integration of the best achievements of science and technology in the comprehensive plan …

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American scientists have proved that young people afraid to grow up


About it reports “Informing”, referring to a study published in the International Journal of Behavioural Development. American sociologists conducted a comparative study which showed that among 3.3 thousand students from the northeastern region of the United States recorded a high level of fear of growing up. Professionals reviewed the research …

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Edible half the salary


Expenses of Russians fell to the level of 2012 Costs of Russians in June showed a record decline compared with the previous month, according to the results of the research holding “ROMIR”. The Russians were forced to spend on food for more than half of his salary that testifies to …

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Emigration from Russia has the record for the last 16 years


Russia has experienced a strong surge in emigration of citizens leaving EN masse and leaving for permanent residence abroad. The negative trend started in 2012, and in 2015, according to official data of Rosstat of Russia was gone for good 350 thousand people or 10 times more than for example …

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Running with the bulls in Spain: the first victims


In the Spanish city of Pamplona celebrates the festival of San Fermin, the main feature of which is the running of the bulls. According to the news Agency Europe Press, the result of the first race, which lasted only 2.5 minutes, four people were injured. Three of them received a …

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What became the economic promises of the President


In 2012, the largest printed periodical publications in the country came program article Vladimir Putin, the then presidential candidate of the Russian Federation. The author gave a truly brilliant analysis of the state of the economy, social and political spheres, the international situation of the state than dispelled the perception …

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In Europe in the suitcase


Swiss police revealed a new method the penetration of illegal migrants into Europe. According to the newspaper La Dernière Heure, now this is done using simple Luggage. One such attempt, however, failed, captured on video, which appeared on the Internet. It shows a rather tall man (according to some, with …

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TOP 10 Russian cities by foreigners


Which Russian cities have more appeal to foreigners today? Top-10 Russian cities, which are popular among foreigners, according to analysis of search queries in foreign segment posted KAYAK: 1. Moscow   Photo 2. Saint Petersburg   Photo 3. Omsk   Photo 4. Novosibirsk   Photo 5. …

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