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Russia’s Choice

In my childhood we had a lot of different jokes. For example, such. – If you found two bags: one with the mind, the other with money, what would you choose? Since all smart, usually choose a bag wisely. What should a snide answer: everyone chooses what it lacks. Modern …

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Monuments GOP-stop?

The last thirty years with suspicious regularity emerges the theme of reconciliation, the key monuments of those who died in the Soviet Union the German Nazis. And like a reconciliation is a good thing, but I always was disgusted only to present the monument to the German soldiers somewhere near …

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Anyone out there nostalgic for the free 90-m?


10 wild, scandalous and shocking phenomena of “dashing 90-x” Perhaps no time is the Russians have such violently conflicting feelings, as the “dashing 90-e”. Cruel, but something strangely nostalgic, they were rich in imagination dazzled novelty. Remember with Anews persons and phenomena of this “thrash of the decade”: some so …

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Why Russian do not come


Russian? – Prove it! When they jumped on the Maidan – I was silent. I’m out of politics. When they were killed in Odessa, Mariupol, Lugansk and Donetsk, – I was silent. I am from another region of Ukraine and the shores of the psyche. When they cut off Russian …

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Abkhazia: Russian fears again


At the end of last week in Sochi signed an agreement to establish a joint information coordination center (ICC) the law enforcement bodies of Russia and partially recognized Abkhazia. The formation of this new structure envisaged by the Treaty of Alliance between the two countries. According to official data, the …

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Run told in the state Duma as the state to communicate


At hearings in the state Duma on issues of state youth policy 22 may made popular videobloger Sasha Spielberg (Alexander Balkovskaya). She claims that this is the first case in the world performances of the works on the podium of the Parliament. Spielberg said that her mission is to help …

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Here even children know how to buy weapons


Protests in Caracas and other major cities in Venezuela are becoming more and more fierce. Almost every day we receive information about those killed and injured in street protests. “Газета.Ru” talked with ordinary Venezuelans to understand how the country was on the verge of civil war. C 2014 and currently …

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Natural and plastic in the world


The world is a natural phenomenon, and there are plastic. The good, the bad – all the same. But simply – that there is a living person, but moves along a predetermined path of plastic man. Director Balabanov was natural. Despair, hatred, depression, macabra, blood, but in all – solid …

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I was lucky!


I was lucky. I was an Octobrist, pioneer, Komsomol. The only one who was not a member of the Communist party. Early did not regret it, I regret it now. I can say that when I took the pioneers — this was before the autumn holidays (before 7 November), I …

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