Monday , August 21 2017
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Experts pointed to the surge in protests in Russia


For the second quarter of 2017, the number of protests in Russia has increased by a third compared to the beginning of the year. In the first quarter was 284, in the second quarter recorded 378 of protests, the report “Russia in 2017: the number of protests is growing,” Center …

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Hello, “Psaki”! We missed you so much!


Must confess, I have long thought of in order to nastuchat “on the keyboard is” something funny about the real star of the world media, Jen Psaki. That’s only reason was not, and here, on you, the “Psaki” emerged from oblivion and “upscales” in the image of a… fisherman and …

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The illusion of choice

No, it’s not about the upcoming elections, as You could imagine. Although, in the end, probably, too. What made me this time to interrupt my long blogger’s dream? The fact that the portal “small World” was posted quite an interesting survey, “which country would you like to live in invincible …

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Russian live surrounded by myths about their own history


British historian Orlando Figes (Orlando Figes) – Professor at London University Birkbeck, the author of many books about Russia, spoke about whether it is possible to understand Russia, why Russia fears the West and why the West today faces challenges. The well-known formula of Winston Churchill describing Russia: “a puzzle …

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Yes, it is “rot” in the wild West


Read the post from Ekaterina – Yes, it is “rot” in the wild West Talked to a friend of mine, lives with his family in Oregon, well, I understand everything, staff is so-so, but live comfortably, provided all bought houses, etc, a big family all working son, daughter, husband, granddaughter’s …

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Nikolai Travkin. What is the “God’s dew”


Peculiarities of the national hunting and fishing too — it’s just nothing compared to the peculiarities of national history. The day before yesterday, all were Orthodox, my father — the most respected in the village people, the troublemakers of the godless authorities tried from society to isolate. And the next …

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Young people are packing their suitcases


Every tenth inhabitant of Russia wants to leave for permanent residence in Europe, USA, China and Australia. Among young people the share of potential emigrants, and even reaches 25%. Abroad attracts people in the first place, a high standard of living, while in Russia the compatriots do not expect to …

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As officials are cashing in on children in the regions


Another high-profile case of corruption of regional officials identified the other day: Tomsk state employee caught in fraud with large sums Recently in Tomsk, the police opened a criminal case on the fact of a major fraud: civil servants falsified documents for supply of nutrition in preschool institutions in the …

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