Saturday , October 21 2017
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The company Medina are not satisfied with the Oleg and Svyatoslav

After the President of Russia Vladimir Putin historical ignorance demonstrated by his press Secretary Dmitry Peskov. Commenting on the appearance of the Avenue of the rulers of the square “Museum of military uniforms” Russian military historical society of busts of Soviet leaders, he stressed that the work unsinkable Zurab Tsereteli …

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About “good Soviet relations” between people


Read the article posted in MP, “Not to restore us to a good Soviet relations”, which originally was called “Market relations”. Why the author renamed the article is not clear as about the Soviet time it is not a word. One can only assume that he was visited by nostalgic …

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Why do you want to whitewash the king?


Dear friends! Why Polonskaya and others concerned with the identity of the king of Holstein Nicholas -2 bloody, they want to whitewash? They need to be sure to whitewash the king, in order to rehabilitate him in Russia. This means then return of the Royal property and the palaces of …

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Echidna Douglas: Idiots in the network


My good and old friend Sasha Eropkina lucky! In discussing his articles, I came across a stupid comment I decided to call the review month. Here it is: I read this wailing and gnashing of reason and thought, that’s what. Quite possibly, he has written a mentally ill person. Now …

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And we sho? For it!


Tired of howling former brethren, and now discharged from them, which enormously amplified as soon as they hear that there is a need for tough response to all the filth which ex-in-laws currently allow. Him to immediately join our obschechelovekov type of journalist Yushin saying anything like that to afford …

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History uncut


In the top of the hanging post of a strange character kommari, who (judging by his jurnalda which I skimmed) is positioning itself the right Communist. Well, there are no complaints to him. Everyone is crazy in their own way. Curious he post called “so that’s usually the case with …

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What will happen in my lifetime


When Alexander Zinoviev was still living in Munich and have got the light and moved away from his anti-Soviet, we were texting. In 1990, I sent him my article about A. Solzhenitsyn, he for this reason wrote to me: “Solzhenitsyn need not just to criticize, it should smash. This b… …

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